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Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas & Activities for 2022

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we wanted to provide our Envoy friends and family with fun eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas and activities! Whether you have a date, want to spend it with family or friends, or taking this day to practice self-care, we hope you have the sweetest Valentine’s Day. New to driving EVs? Take a look at our EV 101 guide to get started.

Valentine's Day Plans For the Sweetheart:

If you’re looking for something selfless and charitable, consider giving your time by volunteering at a nonprofit organization near you. There are local organizations that are always looking for volunteers. This requires zero spending and it will be fulfilling. You can even choose to volunteer with some friends or roommates! Our BMW i3 is perfect for local city trips! With a range of about 153 miles, you can definitely take this electric car to the shelter or senior living home on the other side of town without worrying about gas! Plus, it has five seats so you can fit up to four additional friends!

Valentine's Day Plans For the Independent Explorer:

If where you’re located isn’t covered in snow on Valentine’s Day and you’re looking to spend the day outdoors, then we highly recommend going on a bike ride! If you’re coastal, you can fit a bicycle in the back of a Chevrolet Bolt perfectly. We can confirm this has been tested! Take that bike to the beach or a bike path and just cruise all day. No carbon emissions, no passengers, no problem! That’s a self care day for you and the planet.

Valentine's Day Plans For For the City Cruiser:

However, if you’re looking to take a partner on this bike ride with you, then we would recommend a larger car like the Tesla Model Y or Model X. Some of our properties such as The Frederic in Sacramento, CA have attached a bike rack to their Tesla Model Y for easy bike storage! With a range up to 303 miles, you can drive over to the next city and do some real sightseeing.

Valentine's Day Plans For For the Thrifty Foodie:

Valentine’s Day is about spoiling yourself and your loved ones! Why not spoil yourself with yummy foods? If you’re trying to avoid crowds or just want to save money on dining out, then a picnic is the perfect option for you. All you need is a blanket, your favorite snacks and drinks, reusable cups and cutlery, and a book or portable speaker (however your phone works fine too!) Assemble all of these items in a reusable bag or basket, hop in our spacious Nissan Leaf, and head over to the cutest park in town! With a range of 151 miles, you can take this electric vehicle all around town and still have enough “fuel” to get home. It fits up to four additional passengers with great trunk space. Try to get out there before the sun sets, so you can maximize your picnic time!

Valentine's Day Plans For the “New Kid on the Block”:

If you happen to be new in the neighborhood, then don’t worry! The best way to meet people is through new experiences. Companies like Meetup, Groupon, and Airbnb offer experience packages from dance lessons to making pasta from scratch. You could meet people with similar interests as you! You don’t have to worry about looking for parking if you bring an electric vehicle like the Tesla Model 3! It’s a sedan that is compact enough to fit in a compact space, but most retailers and city attractions offer reserved parking spaces near the entrances just for electric vehicles! You get to park right next to the entrance and possibly even charge your EV, it’s a win-win situation.

Side note: Teslas have a fun in-car feature called Tesla Caraoke! You could impress a few friends with your sweet singing skills on your way to a fun destination.

Always remember that true love starts with YOU!

With so many options and electric cars to choose from, we are sure that you will be spending your Valentine’s Day in good company. Make sure to take lots of pictures for cute scrapbooking opportunities later on. Of course, if you’re not in the mood to go out, then staying in baking cookies and watching your favorite feel-good movies are fun options too.

If your property does not offer Envoy as a shared electric vehicle mobility, then feel free to nominate your property today!

Property managers take a look at what other properties are saying about Envoy electric car share service as an amenity.

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