Frequently Asked Questions By Property Owners & Managers

How do I get Envoy and how long does it take?

If this is your first Envoy vehicle, fill out a quick informational form here. Our sales team will reach out and walk you through the vehicle and charger selection process, contracting, and deployment. If you're using existing EV chargers, we can fast track service in 4-6 weeks. If EV chargers need to be installed, it typically takes roughly 3 months from permitting to completion. Learn more. If you're looking to add additional Envoy vehicles, reach out to your sales advisor, community manager, or our customer service at

How do I onboard a new user?

The Envoy marketing team has already created tools to promote this awesome amenity to your residents and will train your staff on everything Envoy. Here is a quick 60 second video of how the Envoy There app works. You may also direct users to our website for further information, or have them call us at (888) 610-0506.

What about insurance?

You are covered under Envoy's state minimum insurance.

How many cars will you be deploying on our property?

While this typically varies, and is determined during the sales process, we recommend a 2 car minimum for best resident experience and then adding 1 vehicle for every 100-200 units of the community.

How do I deal with complaints about the condition of a vehicle?

Give your Envoy Community Manager a call and they will take care of it ASAP! Or call our customer support line at (888) 610-0506.

When is an issue something I should deal with or something Envoy should deal with?

This is a turnkey service, so we will take care of everything for you.

What do I do if someone with an electric car uses one of the Envoy chargers?

Notify the driver the charge is reserved for Envoy vehicles only. Reach out to Envoy for assistance (888) 610-0506 with towing or other remedies.

What if one of my residents would like to use an Envoy car but does not have a smartphone?

We are working on options to include alternative reservation methods, more news soon!

What do I do if one of the vehicles needs maintenance?

We will take care of all of that for you. If you notice a maintenance issue right away, please reach out at (888) 610-0506 or Otherwise, our expert Envoy team will come by frequently to inspect each vehicle. We will then provide the property with a temporary spare vehicle.

Can I check out an Envoy?

Sure! Just download the car sharing app and get driving!

Can I get additional vehicles for my property if they are in demand?

Sure! Just let us know and we can add more cars.

Are there any specific wiring requirements to support the chargers?

Required for each charger: a dedicated 220V line for each charger.

What electricity provider do I need?

We work with all service providers. Depending on where your building is located, rebates vary from your local districts' power and water municipality.

Where can the car live?

Prior to signing a contract, we will have our operations department, as well as marketing, scout out your property with an electrician to find feasible parking spots that are agreeable to you.

What are the costs to the building?

Typically the property pays a monthly amenity fee for the service and the revenue generated by usage of the vehicles is shared back to the property to offset this amenity service cost. The building is also responbile for all electricity costs incurred with regards to vehicle charging.

What about cleaning?

Done by us twice a month. In case of emergency mess, please contact the Community Manager at (888) 610-0506.

Who manages these cars?

Dedicated Community Manager for 50 cars, set for a specific region. The way your tenants and employees get to know the building superintendent, the same will exist with Envoy’s Community Managers.

Is the car branded?

Yes. A small Envoy decal is on the door. If requested, we can brand the sides of the electric vehicles to match the property.

What is Envoy doing about COVID-19?

Transportation is an essential service and we want to ensure our community members have access to a clean, sustainable, and affordable option to get the essential items they need (groceries, medicines, etc). We are working with our car cleaning partners (GoodYear and Simply Clean) to enhance the sanitization levels and frequency. We are also encouraging our Envoy community to be a good neighbor by keeping the car clean (wipe down before and after) and following CDC recommendations to keep us all healthy and safe. Many of our members have informed us they feel safer with Envoy than other open-to-the-public options. as Envoy is an amenity exclusively for the residents in a more controlled environment. Read more about our COVID response.