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Electric Vehicles 101

What's The Deal With EV's?

They're smooth, they're silent, and they're speedy. When you hop in these vehicles and turn them on you won't hear a sound, but when you hit the accelerator, you'll feel torque unmatched by comparable gas powered vehicles. Not only that, but you can save money, and save the world! Drive clean, breathe easy.

Check out our comparison of gas vs EV charging.

How Do I Get Going?

Unlock the car using the Envoy Mobility app. Make sure to unplug the charger. If the charger is stuck, press the "unlock" button twice inside the driver's side door.

Once in the vehicle, press your foot on the brake pedal and press the start button. Remember! The car won't make noise. The dashboard will light up, signaling that the vehicle is operable. Put the gear shift into drive and you're good to go!

See instructional videos for each vehicle here.

How Far Can I Go?

These battery powered wheels can get you quite far on a full charge. Each Envoy vehicle will display the real-time estimated miles of charge on the dashboard. Please be sure to check the current range when entering the vehicle. For further information about specific  models, take a look at our fleet page.

Planning a road trip? Here's what you need to know.

What Do I Do When I Get Back?

Put the vehicle's gear shift into park. Press your foot on the brake pedal and press the stop button simultaneously. 

Please be a good neighbor. Wipe down the inside of the car and steering wheel. Remove your personal belongings, trash, and plug the charger back into the vehicle. Once that's all done, end your reservation within the Envoy Mobility app.

Charging The Car

Each Envoy vehicle has its own reserved parking spot with an adjoining dedicated charging station.
Make sure to unplug the charger before entering the vehicle, and please plug back in when you return. Learn more.

Need An Extra Charge?

No problem! There are thousands of chargers out in the wild. If you need to charge on-the-go, search "Charging Station" into Google Maps for one nearby. Learn more.

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