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Best Ads of Super Bowl LVII : electric trucks

The Super Bowl has become one of the most attractive and talked about advertising spots in the last 20 years. Of course you could always watch the well played game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. But while many people focus on the high cost for an ad, it is more interesting to see which companies decide to take the stage.

Last year we saw 7 ads for electric vehicles and chargers, and you can see them all here. This year there were only 3 ads for electric vehicles and they were all trucks. That makes sense because EV truck sales on on the rise and with the new offerings from major brands. People are starting to take notice and make plans for their next truck purchase.

We added the all electric Rivian R1T to our Envoy fleet last year and immediately had properties reserving their trucks. All kinds of properties from multi-use to multifamily living are getting in line for a Rivian R1T with residents appreciating an all terrain vehicle with towing power. Electric trucks are finding their own spotlight this year!

Check out the electric truck ads here:

"Premature Electrification" | Ram Trucks

"Directions" | General Motors

"Electric Boogie" | Jeep


Want to learn more about how to get Envoy at your property? Join the electric revolution and nominate your property to receive an Envoy car. We are nationwide and have properties across the US that enjoy the Envoy advantage.

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