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Top 10 Black Founded Clean Tech Companies of 2023

Clean technology, also known as green technology, refers to products and services that improve the environment and reduce energy consumption. The clean tech industry is growing rapidly and has the potential to create millions of jobs while addressing the world’s biggest environmental challenges. In the United States, black entrepreneurs are making their mark in this industry and building successful companies that are making a positive impact on the environment.

To celebrate Black History month we are highlighting the top 10 black founded clean tech companies that are helping to change the world.

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Founders: Ugwem I. Eneyo and Cole Stites-Clayton

Developed IoT technology that helps transform how we use energy, using data-driven approaches and use a connected platform to support effective integration of solar and storage systems. They are committed to developing technology that will enable a rapid transition to clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Founders : Kameale Terry & Evette Ellis

ChargerHelp! provides help for EVSE operations and maintenance. The company enables the on demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations by hiring and training a local workforce.

Founders : Paul Francis & Jatomis Stevenson

KIGT, INC provides home and commercial EV charging stations with an easy to use intuitive touch screen user interface, seamless billing software, and mobile app, with back-end grid management administrative software for property owners and utilities. ​

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Founder : Darrell Jobe

Vericool, INC focuses on making sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. The company also provides job opportunities for ex-felons as a way of providing a second chance to people transitioning back into the workforce.

Founders : Donnel Baird & Keith Kinch

BlocPower™ helps busnesses upgrade their building's heating and cooling system to a clean, energy-efficient, and comfortable system with no upfront cost. They also work with governments to provide affordable community Wi-Fi, as well as mapping software to help analyze the buildings in their cities.

Founder: Gilbert Campbell

Volt Energy Utility, LLC is a national solar energy development firm that develops, finances, and operates utility-scale solar projects for private and public clients.

Founder: Natalie M. King, ESQ

Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC is a technology, manufacturing and engineering firm focused on energy efficiency and environmental service solutions.

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RFG-MPW Environmental & Facility Services

Chairman and CEO: Roderick Rickman

RFG-MPW is the leading provider of integrated, technology-based industrial cleaning, facility management, water purification, container management, and environmental services in North America. They also help ensure their clients have a safer and cleaner work environment to deliver high-quality products.

Founder: Vickie Lewis

VMX International is an international waste management/recycling services provider. With over twenty years of experience, they specialize in providing customized "best fit" waste solutions.

Founder: Maurice H. Brewster

Mosaic Global Transportation is an international ground transportation company that specializes in employee shuttles, commuter services, and meeting and events businesses. Aiming to replace gasoline-operated vehicles that are used for these programs with electric vehicles, the company is deeply committed to giving back to the community.

These black owned clean tech companies are at the forefront of the green technology revolution, creating innovative solutions that are making a positive impact on the environment. Their success is a testament to the creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination of black business owners in the United States.

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