Frequently Asked Questions By Our Users

How do I unlock the vehicle?

It's easy! Set up your account by downloading the "Envoy There" app, registering your account, and creating a vehicle reservation. Next, use the in-app lock and unlock buttons to lock and unlock the car! Alternatively, get a Key Coin! They're easy and fast! Learn more.

How much does it cost?

Envoy charges both per-minute and daily rates. Please check your Envoy car sharing app for pricing at your location.

What about insurance?

The driver is covered under Envoy's state minimum insurance policy which can be found here. The driver must download the "Envoy There" car sharing app and fully register (upload drivers license, accept terms and conditions, etc) to be covered. If driver is not at fault for accident, Envoy will file the claim with other driver who is at fault. If driver is at fault, basic deductible may apply. If a driver is in an accident, general insurance card can be found in the vehicle as well as this page.

Can I take the car as long as I want?

You can book an Envoy electric vehicle for as little or as long as you want. Drivers are charged by the minute and only from the time the vehicle is booked out to the time it is returned by ending the reservation in the app. Daily rates may also be available. Please note, there are also select weekly subscription programs piloting in select areas. Questions? Reach out through the Support section of the car sharing app (chat box available in the FAQ and Support Articles section).

Can my guests drive? My family when they visit?

Yes they can! Simply have them create their own account, upload their driver's license, and input the property code.

How do these Electric Vehicles work?

Electric vehicles are the future - they're clean, quiet, and quick! Check out our Electric Vehicles 101 page for more information about EV's including how to charge: click here . Road Trip? Here's what you need to know: click here. Learn about charging electric vehicles: click here. For vehicle-specfic instructional videos: click here. Tesla-specific info: click here.

Do I have to return the vehicle to where I found it?

Yes, all Envoy electric vehicles are round trip, and must be returned to their pick up location.

What if I get stuck somewhere?

Don't worry! Just simply call the Envoy Customer Support Line at 1-888-610-0506 or use the Chat Function in the Support section of the app for roadside assistance. Please note: it is the driver's responsibility to manage the battery range of the vehicle and to successfully return vehicle to its Envoy parking space ( see terms). The battery level and estimated mileage range is shown on the dashboard of each vehicle. Here is some important info about EV's, charging stations, and EV road trips. For specific vehicle instruction videos, click here.

What do I do when I get back? To end reservation:

It's easy! 1. Return the vehicle to its Envoy parking space. 2. Plug charger into vehicle. (Certain chargers require scanning a card on the station to release the charge holder from the station. These cards are normally found secured to the station or in the Envoy vehicle.) 3. End Reservation in the app and follow the prompts to submit. Once the Thank You page pops up, the car will lock and you're good to go. Note: your account is billed for the beginning of your reservation until it is successfully ended in the app.
Fiats only: The key does not come out, but, for Fiat drivers, make sure to switch the ignition off.

Want to use Envoy, but don't have a bank account?

Check out Green Dot Secured Credit Card* by following the link below. Good credit or bank account not required: *Envoy is not affiliated with Green Dot Secured Credit Card

What do I do if I'm in an accident?

If it is an emergency, call 911. Once everyone is safe, please fill out the accident report on this page and contact Envoy via the Support section of the app. If needed, the general insurance card can be found here.

What is this digital license plate?

Select Envoy vehicles are equipped with Reviver’s World’s First Digital License Plate, the Rplate, which launched on the roads in California in June 2018, and is now available in Arizona, with more states to follow. The Rplate transforms the 125-year old stamped metal license plate into a sleek, digital, high-definition display, offering a connected car platform to simplify daily life with vast potential for future innovation. Click here for the Rplate DMV Authorization Letter. Learn more.

How does the app work?

Click here for a quick video tutorial. Steps: Download the Envoy There car sharing app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Sign Up: Enter your email address or phone number and a password. If it's your first time, after you click "Sign In", you will be prompted to create an account. Register: Upload your driver's license and credit/debit card. Add Location: Select your location from the drop down menu and input the property code given out by your property manager. Book a vehicle by the minute, hour or day: From the Booking Screen, select your property to see vehicles at your location. Use the scroll bar to select how long you'd like the vehicle for and confirm your booking. Once approved, click Begin Reservation which unlocks the vehicle. Use the app or Key Coin to unlock/lock the car during your booking. Key Coins ensure unlock/lock capabilities even in poor reception areas such as underground garages. Ending Reservation: Return the vehicle to its homebase, plug the charger into the vehicle, click End Reservation in the app and follow the prompts to submit. Once the Thank You page pops up, you're set to go!

Is Envoy available during COVID-19 Safer at Home orders?

Yes. Transportation is an essential service and we want to ensure our community members have access to a clean, sustainable, and affordable option to get the essential items they need (groceries, medicines, etc). We are working with our car cleaning partners (GoodYear and Simply Clean) to enhance the sanitization levels and frequency. We are also encouraging our Envoy community to be a good neighbor by keeping the car clean (wipe down before and after) and following CDC recommendations to keep us all healthy and safe. Learn more.

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