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  • How do I unlock the vehicle?
    It's easy! Set up your account by downloading the "Envoy There" app, registering your account, and creating a vehicle reservation. Next, use the in-app lock and unlock buttons to lock and unlock the car!
  • How much does it cost?
    Envoy charges both per-minute and daily rates. Please check your Envoy app for pricing at your location.
  • What about insurance?
    You are completely covered under Envoy's insurance.
  • Can I take the car as long as I want?
    In fairness to others, trips are limited to 3 hours. If you need the vehicle for a longer duration, please inquire about a daily rental by calling us at 1-888-610-0506.
  • Can my guests drive? My family when they visit?
    Yes they can! Simply have them create their own account, upload their driver's license, and input the property code.
  • I've never used an electric vehicle. Should I be concerned about the vehicle's range?
    Having range anxiety? Envoy's electric vehicle fleet all have ample charge to get you around town, but if you truly need it, EV chargers are strategically positioned at most parking areas around the city.
  • Do I have to return the vehicle to where I found it?
    Yes, all Envoy vehicles are round trip, and must be returned to their pick up location.
  • What if I get stuck somewhere?
    Don't worry! Just simply call the Envoy Customer Support Line at 1-888-610-0506 for roadside assistance.
  • What do I do when I get back?
    It's easy! Just follow the prompts in the app to end your reservation, and unlock the car. Remember two things: 1) The key does not come out, but, for Fiat drivers, make sure to switch the ignition off. 2) Plug the vehicle charger back in.
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