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5 Awesome Ideas For 4th of July Weekend

The Summer is in full swing and the July 4th holiday weekend is here. We have some awesome ideas for you! If you have extra time off or just want to make the most of your free time.

This year July 4th falls on a Monday and for many people that will mean a long weekend and more time to have fun. Hooray! Thoughts of July 4th celebrations usually turn to cookouts, pool parties and running off to the beach or mountains. These are all great ways to celebrate with family and friends. And if you just need a little quiet time, that is good too. We have some traditional and new ideas for you to make your weekend memorable. Don't sweat it if your have to work on Monday July 4th, you can do these activities whenever you have free time.

Here are 5 fun ideas for July 4th activities to make your holiday weekend memorable.

Plan a picnic and go somewhere new

There is something about eating outdoors that can make even the most simply made meal taste better. So prepare a picnic meal, you can do something easy and light for optimal mobility and take it to a new park, outdoor venue or community recreation center that you have never visited before. You might have a job or lifestyle that keeps you mostly indoors but being out in the sunlight is important for body and mind. Make the most of your journey when you book your Envoy car. It is eco-friendly and charging is free at your property.

Get crafty with home DIY projects

No matter the size of your home, there are always plenty of projects you could think of that would make your space better. This is the perfect weekend for some do it yourself projects. It could be something fun, crafty and decorative. Or make it productive and clean out cabinets, closets and and maximize your space with organization systems. When you are ready to donate your gently used goods, pack up the Nissan Leaf for maximum cargo space.

Grow your family tree

The 4th of July holiday is about history. It is the history of our country and the history of the great people that make up this nation. We all come from somewhere. We all have a story. There are many websites now that can help you to map out your family tree and find information about your relatives. Even if you think you know everything about your family there is a lot of rich personal history that you could discover as you learn about your ancestors and their personal journeys. Share the results with family, book your Envoy car for the visit and treat them to a ride in a Tesla!

Volunteer at an animal shelter to comfort them during scary fireworks

The city shelters are all filled with lovable dogs, cats and other furry animals that are looking for a good home. And while you might love a good fireworks display, the loud noises and bangs can make it a scary time for our animal friends. Even if you can’t adopt or foster one yourself, you can head to an adoption center near you and spend the day or night volunteering to help the animals. Many shelters even host sleep overs this weekend as the human companionship helps dogs and cats feel more secure and safe.

Organize a neighborhood cleanup

If cleaning out your closet is not impactful enough for you, just take a look outside your window and think about all of the ways you could help make the outdoor spaces we share look even better. Decide on what kind of cleanup you want to do and then invite volunteers, gather supplies and plan your route. Having a clearly mapped out plan and goals will help to motivate everyone and also give you plenty of time to enjoy a job well done! Book an Envoy car to get your supplies and to pick up your volunteers. Our Nissan Leafs and Chevy Bolts have great storage space for big shopping trips with plenty of passenger space.

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