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Nissan Leaf

40 kWh battery up to 149 miles on a single charge 

60 kWh battery up to 212 miles of range per charge   
125 City / 100 Highway MPGe
 40 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery
7.5 Hour Charge Time Level 2
30 Minute Charge Time DCFC

How To Charge The Nissan Leaf

How To Book Your Envoy Car

How To Book Your Envoy Car



Create an account and register with a valid driver's license and credit card.



Add your location and input the location code that will be provided by your property management/leasing office or upload a utility bill as proof of address.



Book your electric vehicle by the hour or the day! Select the date and times for your trip, then pick your preferred vehicle from the available options.



Report any previous damage so you’re not liable. Press Start to begin your trip and unlock the car. During your ride, use the app to unlock and lock.



Return the vehicle to its designated parking space, plug the charger into the car, report any new damage, and follow the prompts on the Envoy app to end your trip.

Trouble Connecting?

Here are somethings that might help!

Leaf Will Not Charge When Connected to Charge Station

Nissan Leafs contain a "Charging Timer" feature that sets a specific timeframe in the future that a vehicle may charge.

Please note, if the Leaf is fully connected to a working charge station, but is not charging, chances are that a Charging Timer is currently enabled for the vehicle.

To disable all current charging timers, simply need to press this button in the driver's side front


eBrake Issues

Are you a first-time user?


You may experience difficulty with finding the vehicle's eBrake/ePedal. 

It's important to note the eBrake can be in two different places on the vehicle:

- a small pedal on the far left of the driver's side

- a small button in the center console, which may be pushed or pulled upwards:


If you are still unable to put the Leaf into Drive or Reverse and still cannot drive the vehicle easily or normally, it is most likely because these controls are not in the correct positions.

Watch the App Video

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