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5 Fun Ideas for Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to share some fun activities to celebrate with the father figure in your life!

Whether that’s your adopted dad, step-dad, granddad, uncle, or even yourself! These activities are sure to increase dopamine (happy hormone in your brain) for all parties involved! Happy parent, happy life!

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, 2022. The best gift to share with someone for Father’s Day is your time, but if you want to add a gift or fun activity then you can do that too! Here are 5 fun activities and ideas to celebrate with your dad, family member, or anyone!

Get Their Favorite Pizza (Picnic Optional)

Food brings people together, and what better way to bring people together than ordering dad’s favorite pizza and letting them choose what channel they want to watch! Dining in at their favorite pizza restaurant is equally fun, and sometimes comes with wine and complimentary bread! Last but not least, order the pizza and take it to-go, if it’s a beautiful day outside, enjoy the pizza on a nice grassy hill and share memories and stories with your dad. Make sure to listen to all the stories and memories he will want to share.

Don’t know dad’s favorite pizza? Check out this blog from National Pizza Day and get ideas from Envoy team members and their favorite pizza!

Watch a Sports Game or Play a Game Together!

This is for the dads that can’t sit down for more than 10 minutes. Take them to a college or professional sports game for Father’s Day, and join them stand on their feet rooting for a team to win! If there aren’t any games happening near you, then grab their favorite sports equipment and join them outside for a round or two. The great thing about the Chevy Bolts is that you can put the backseats down and really make room for golf clubs or soccer cones and nets if you want to play a real game! Nissan Leafs have a low rear cargo floor that also makes it easy to fill up with heavy items without lifting too hard.

Watch a Movie or Go To a Drive-In

With so many films coming out right now, what better time to watch a movie than now? You can pick your seats ahead of time when you buy movie tickets online. Some theaters now offer reclining seats, so try to find one of those and really spoil dad for Father’s Day! Another great idea is to look for a nearby drive-in theater and watch a film from the comfort of your vehicle or use one of Envoy’s vehicles. The pros are you can bring your own food, favorite snacks, and take advantage of the immersive sound offered in Premium Tesla Model 3s.

The Tesla Model 3 LR and P have 10 speakers located at the front of the cabin, and five at the rear, including a subwoofer in the boot. There are also two amplifiers that help drive power to all of the speakers. It’s the perfect car to take to a drive-in theater, dad will surely be impressed!

Take An Ancestry Test

If you or a family member haven’t already done this, give it a try! You could learn more about yourself or loved ones through a simple test. Most ancestry tests provide results online that you can share with others. You could take the test yourself and surprise dad later! Other positives to taking a DNA ancestry test are awareness of genetic diseases. Some test results provide personalized information about your health, disease risk, and other traits. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by taking care of their health?


Last but not least, and most likely dad’s favorite activity is grilling! If Sunday is going to be a beautiful day with clear skies and warm weather you could host a barbeque at your residence, or dad's place. Grill up some burgers, dad’s favorite steaks and lots of vegetables to help maintain health and longevity. No matter what you grill, it’ll be a crowd pleaser and great way to celebrate Father’s Day. If you have the means this Father’s Day, then you could buy dad a fresh new grill! There are lots of sales going on so you can take advantage. Just make sure that you have enough cargo space in the car for a new grill. We might recommend the Tesla Model X or Polestar 2’s trunk for a large load.

Have Fun, Take Pictures, and Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

No matter what you do or where you go, your greatest gift to your dad is your time. You will create positive and lasting memories for you both when you take the time to simply be together.

Remember to take some photos to share with family and friends too. Don’t forget that when you share your photos on social media of your Envoy car and adventure, we will give you $10 in driving credit! Simply post on Instagram or Facebook and tag @envoythere. Contact our helpful customer service team to claim your credit!

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