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5 Best Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2022

Spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming! It is the perfect time to think about all of the wonderful ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world at different times of the year. While the modern day version originated in the United Stated its roots can be traced back to ancient times as far back as the Middle Ages. In today’s world we recognize that the assignment of the term mother has broadened beyond what we would have typically termed biological. And that is awesome! Mothers provide support, love, guidance and protection. You can probably think of many persons, both women and men, that have helped and guided you in various stages of your life. Maybe it is a friend or neighbor that reached out to you when you needed it most. Our opportunities to give and receive love are endless. This Mother’s Day celebrate the mom figure in your life!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8, 2022. The best gift for Mother’s Day is your time but if you want to add a sweet gift surprise you can do that too! Here are 5 best ways and ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom, friends, or neighbors.

Picnic In the Park

It is Springtime in the United States and that means the weather is nice all around. This is a good time to enjoy the outdoors. Try a picnic in the park or other local setting. Most museums and other public event spaces have areas that are setup for small gatherings. Go somewhere new and explore! Make this day memorable and plan a nice lunch or excursion. You can book your Envoy Nissan Leaf for the shopping trip and to pick up your mom for the day.

Share a Hobby

Do you and your mom already have a hobby you do together? Or does your mom have a hobby that she is always talking about? Share it with her! You show you care when you offer your interest in something that is meaningful to someone else. You could try something like a nature hike or even wildlife watching. Expand your environmental consciousness by learning more about nature and how you can make positive changes in the world. Your Envoy electric car is a great eco-friendly way to get around.

Plant a Garden

Gardening is fun, easy and inexpensive! Together you could plant some fresh new flowers for her in an area she will see everyday. This might be an area outside the window or flowers in a pot for a table, counter or desk. Flowers are a wonderful way to bring cheer and inspire good thoughts in a variety of settings. Take your Envoy electric car to a garden shop to get supplies or use what you have at home to recycle and reuse existing items. Creativity counts when you are looking for ways to beautify your home while lessening your carbon footprint.

Envoy succulent garden

Make Art and Take In Art

Inspire your mom’s inner artist by planning a trip to a local museum. You can spend meaningful and quiet time by exploring art museums. Find out what kind of art she likes and take her to a special exhibition or even better find a place where you have the opportunity to create art together. There are so many creative spaces that are available to paint pictures or create beautiful works of art. These do not take a lot of time, money or even skill. It is all about the process of creation that really adds to the enjoyment of the moment.

Take a Class Together

Did you know that having new experiences and learning actually helps with long term memory? You can have fun, share an experience and improve your longevity all at the same time. You could take a skillful class that requires you to use your brain and body while you learn how to make something like pottery, jewelry, furniture or even shoes. Yes, learning how to make your own shoes is a growing trend! There are many online and in person events. Just Google it to find ones in your area or at online times that work for you both. Surprise her and pick her up in a luxury EV like a Tesla or Polestar!

Share your time with your Mom and create lasting memories

No matter what you do or where you go, your greatest gift to your mom is your time. You will create positive and lasting memories for you both when you take the time to simply be together.

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