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This Year's Super Bowl LVIII is Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy

Exciting news for football fans and sustainability enthusiasts alike – Super Bowl LVIII is set to captivate over 100 million viewers this year, with Las Vegas welcoming more than 330,000 visitors to witness the crowning of the National Football League (NFL) champion.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, serves as the host this year, marking a historic moment as the first Super Bowl held in the state. Beyond its impressive stature, the stadium boasts LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, emphasizing its commitment to environmental sustainability. Allegiant Stadium is taking the lead in renewable energy for this Super Bowl, utilizing a 621,000-panel solar farm in the desert alongside wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric power sources.

The NFL's dedication to sustainable sporting events is evident through the league's environmental program, NFL Green, which works to mitigate the environmental impact of the NFL's major events and create a "green" legacy in each community that hosts the Super Bowl. In addition to the NFL Green, 23% of NFL stadiums incorporate solar energy. This Super Bowl stands out as the first hosted at a stadium powered entirely by renewable energy – a significant milestone.

In line with this commitment to a green future, Blink Charging has installed on-site EV charging stations at Allegiant Stadium, contributing to a more sustainable experience for the Super Bowl and all future events, including Las Vegas Raiders games.

Envoy is thrilled to applaud the NFL and Blink Charging for their achievements as we leap toward a more sustainable and renewable path. Envoy has consistently been at the forefront of EV adoption nationwide, placing electric vehicles in apartment buildings, off-campus housing, mixed-use spaces, hotels, and workplaces. An impressive 75% of drivers had their first electric vehicle experience with Envoy, and we remain dedicated to expanding our fleet and promoting EV adoption as we drive towards a sustainable future.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada is ready to host the 2024 Super Bowl.

Photo credit: @michaelbittle on Instagram


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