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Best Ads of Super Bowl LVI : Electric Cars and Chargers

Envoy congratulates our hometown team, Los Angeles Rams as the winners of Super Bowl LVI. The team played against the Cincinnati Bengals in an action-packed, suspense-filled game at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The HalfTime show featured performances from Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Mary J. Blige showcasing appreciation for the contributions of rap and hip-hop to the music world. And not to be missed, the much anticipated Super Bowl ads. We were so excited to see many ads featuring electric cars and chargers from BMW, Chevrolet, Polestar, General Motors, KIA, and a new home charger, WallBox. Electric cars are the future of shared mobility and help to remove the cost of ownership by providing an accessible way to drive the newest EVs on the market.

Here is a list of the best ads of Super Bowl LVI featuring electric cars and chargers.


In this Super Bowl ad spot, Zeus played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hera played by Salma Hayek retire to Palm Springs. Zeus soon learns that his electric charge is high in demand but disrupts his retirement. Hera saves the day when she gifts Zeus with a BMW IX, the new luxury, all-electric car. Envoy drivers can experience BMW's performance driving the in the Envoy fleet.

Polestar - No Compromises

In this Super Bowl ad spot, Polestar sets itself up to distinguish itself from the hyperbole of other electric car manufacturers by telling you what it is not and what an EV driver wants and needs. No fluff and no trips to Mars. This sexy, minimalist spot was an attention grabber and one of our favorites with the Polestar 2 already a Envoy fleet favorite. #PolestarCars #NoCompromises

General Motors - Ultium EV Platform

Mike Myers reprises his role as the loveable Dr Evil along with Rob Lowe as Number Two and Seth Green as Dr Evil’s son. In this Super Bowl ad spot, Dr Evil takes over General Motors and plans to use GM’s Ultium EV Platform to power its operation. When he learns that climate change has surpassed him as the number one evil in the world, he decides to first save the world before he takes it over. #EVerybodyIn

Chevrolet - Silverado EV

In this Super Bowl ad spot, The Soprano’s are in charge following Meadow played by Jamie Lynn Sigler as she drives around New York and various city locations in her new Silverado EV. The tagline reads “A Whole New Truck For Whole New Generation.” Perhaps with the success of The Many Saints of Newark, this is the time for Meadow to take charge in a Sopranos reboot! #GirlPower Envoy drivers can feel the power of a Chevy driving the sporty Chevy Bolt already in the Envoy fleet.

Robo Dog | The All-Electric Kia EV6

This adorable robo-dog looking for his forever home will surely pull the heartstrings. In this Super Bowl ad spot, Robo Dog sits lonely in a store watching a real dog with his family. When he sees a guy charge his electric car, he knows he has found the family for him. He watches his electric car dream pull away and sets off to find it and his new home to live fully charged with the all-electric Kia EV6.

WallBox - Can Seth Embrace Electricity Again

This quirky Super Bowl ad spot featured Seth, a man struck by lightning over a decade ago, who’s struggled to get over this experience. The ad shows him overcoming his fears to finally embrace electricity thanks to Wallbox, the new home electric charger. #SuperChargedSeth

Join the electric revolution and learn more on how to bring this eco-friendly amenity to your multi-living, multifamily property, or upcoming development!

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