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Electric car sharing as an exclusive amenity where you live, work, or stay.



Envoy is the only provider of "mobility as an amenity":  

shared electric vehicles as an exclusive property amenity

for apartments, workplaces, and hotels.

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Envoy Plus Sign
Tesla model S with charger
Envoy mobile app, electic fleet
Envoy Plus Sign
Envoy Branded Charger

En­voy's community-based share­­d mobility platform, provides properties an amenity that will attract and retain residents and tenants because it is something they actually want to use  


 Envoy vehicles are conveniently located on property with a dedicated parking space and charger and can be reserved by residents instantly or in advance through the ENVOY THERE mobile app.

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Property Owner

Envoy is one of our top three amenities as a lot of our residents do not own a car since they live close to home envoy comes in handy. I’ve had Residents move in from other states even countries and they think it’s completely amazing and love that we offer it as an amenity.

Envoy Customer

Envoy is revolutionary. The service is exceptional! Conveniently located on my property. Brand new zero emission vehicles . Something new super cool - love the concept !

Envoy Customer

“I live, work, and shop within a 1-mile radius so I don’t need to own a car. Envoy filled that gap seamlessly. Tap and drive as needed with no strings attached. I’m saving time and money so I can focus on what matters to me most right now.”

How to Envoy

How to Envoy!
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