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Top 20 Innovative Black Founded Companies

These companies are leading the way in technology, clean tech, media, professional growth, community services and e-commerce.

In celebration of Black History month, we are highlighting Black founded businesses leading the way in technology, clean tech, media, professional growth, community services and e-commerce.

These visionaries are helping to provide revolutionary services, more opportunities and meaningful connections to make the world a better place. We had the honor of working with several of the companies mentioned here and to round out our list we asked our employees to nominate some of their favorite companies.

Envoy is committed to providing equitable e-mobility solutions for all communities. The Envoy team is as diverse and multifaceted as our customers, providing sustainable transportation solutions to luxury properties, and affordable housing alike. We believe that mobility should be accessible to everyone and are helping to relieve people of the need for car ownership.

Here is our list of the Top 20 Innovative Black Founded Companies that are leading the way.

ChargerHelp! provides help for EVSE operations and maintenance. The company enables the on demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations by hiring and training a local workforce.

KIGT, INC provides home and commercial EV charging stations with an easy to use intuitive touch screen user interface, seamless billing software, and mobile app, with back-end grid management administrative software for property owners and utilities. ​

Founder : Darrell Jobe

Vericool, INC focuses on making sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. The company also provides job opportunities for ex-felons as a way of providing a second chance to people transitioning back into the workforce.

BlocPower™ is a building owner's one stop shop for upgrading their building's heating and cooling system to a clean, energy-efficient, and comfortable system with no upfront cost. They also work with governments to provide affordable community Wi-Fi, as well as mapping software to help analyze the buildings in their cities.

TEC Leimert is a collaborative platform creating a blueprint for urban communities to harness the power of creativity and ingenuity to build sustainable lives in the digital economy.

Founder : Tara Alexander

HireHer by SHERO is focused on closing the diversity gap in every organization on the planet by creating the online platform to find and list incredible tech jobs for female talent.

Volt Energy Utility, LLC is a national solar energy development firm that develops, finances, and operates utility-scale solar projects.

Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC is a technology, manufacturing and engineering firm focused on energy efficiency and environmental service solutions.

Founder: Vickie Lewis

VMX International is an international waste management/recycling services provider. With over twenty years of experience, they specialize in providing customized "best fit" waste solutions.

Blavity, INC is a diversified digital media company that builds platforms to inform, entertain and engage communities of color.

Founder: Derek Smith

Plug In brings together entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, innovators and emerging talent for conversations and networking focused on creating a community and hub for innovation in South LA.

Founder : Kimberly Bryant

Black Girls Code builds pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology.

Founders: Ben Caldwell

KAOS Network offers a way for the artistically talented and art enthusiasts of South Los Angeles to enjoy trans-media and multimedia art disciplines being offered in this vibrant community. KAOS Network creates a warm and open environment where everyone can participate and engage the material outcome of the work being presented. Often, at some basic level, this can be credited to the art and artist being a cultural asset to the community.

Founders: Alton Glass

GRX Immersive Labs is an XR Content & Talent Development Studio focused on the advancement of diverse voices in immersive storytelling and emerging technology. A core GRX value is to foster entrepreneurial skills so individuals become investable vs. just employable.

Founders: Iddris Sandu

SpatialLabs is a tech incubator focused on the metaverse and the future implications of blockchain across several spectrums of access and community-building

Breakr connects artists and influencers to break new music through the culture. Music influencers can set up profiles, update their music preferences, and create digital campaigns available across all platforms. It was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Oakland, California.

Founders: Antoine Gregory

​​Black Fashion Fair is a conceptual retail, educational, and cultural experience aimed toward the discovery and furtherance of Black designers. Through cultivating retail spaces and experiences, Black Fashion Fair supports the ideas and continued growth of Black designers and Black-owned brands.

Founders: Ariana Davis, Jonathan Low & Terrence Whaley

Sole360 is a sneaker trading platform designed to help users trade sneakers more safely and more often. They accomplish this within a peer-to-peer transaction network. They aim to bring back the excitement and eagerness that comes from landing a nice pair of sneakers.

Black In Corporate is a resource and tool to champion for Black individuals behind corporate walls where change is needed most. This space was developed to present resources for one's career path including but not limited to pay equity, mental health, physical health and mentorship and community building.

Flat Out of Heels, LLC is the creator of the Flat Out of Heels rollable, stylish and compact ballet flat to rescue the feet of women everywhere after hours in heels. Flat Out of Heels partnered with Solutions Vending International (SVI) to create the ‘Flat Out’ vending machine. This 'smart' machine dispenses the Flat Out of Heels rollable flat and is placed in venues where women need relief from heels the most including airports, nightclubs, retail centers, convention centers, and conference facilities.

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