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5 Fun Things To Do in Los Angeles

Whether it is living like the locals or taking a tourist trip, a simple guide can take you a long way. Summer fun is found in every city. So we picked cities where we have Envoy cars like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago and Miami. Then we asked our employees if they only had 24 hours in that city, where would you go? They had a lot of recommendations! So we refined the lists and are sharing our favorites.

Today’s blog post is 5 fun things to do in Los Angeles written by Tolga Onuk, Envoy's VP of Product Development.

Los Angeles is the city that I call home. And after 15 years of living here, it never ceases to amaze me. Los Angeles, aka "The City of Angels" is home to Hollywood and it is the second-largest city in the USA.

If you live here, or if you are visiting, there are definitely plenty of attractions that can occupy your time for weeks. The action never really stops in LA so keep in mind that there is always something going on here.

While there are many things that you can do, I will give you my personal favorites of 5 fun things to do in Los Angeles:

1. Runyon Canyon Hike & Panoramic Sight-Seeing of LA:

If you live in or visit LA, this must be your go-to destination if you want to go to the "Top Of the World." Runyon Canyon is located in the heart of Hollywood Hills, and this is a location where you can get a great view of city while you also meet new people. Residents at Envoy properties in Los Angeles can book a car with the Envoy mobility app to take them to the base of Runyon Canyon which is easily accessible, with parking around the neighborhood. A convenient, fun, and memorable experience is waiting for you at the Runyon Canyon. Meet me at the top!

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame & the Chinese Theater:

Only in Los Angeles are the stars are so abundant that they can even be found on the sidewalk. With more than 2,600 stars across 18 city blocks, the Hollywood Walk of Fame features names of celebrities in mini monuments. See if you can spot the stars of your favorite motion pictures, TV shows, live theater, and more. Drive to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to have some fun time in the global heart of entertainment. In the hustle and bustle of the Boulevard you can still stay eco-friendly with your Envoy electric vehicle.

3. Venice Beach:

Venice Beach is known for its free-spirit vibe and is the iconic Venice Boardwalk. On many a sunny Southern California day you can plan on eclectic encounters with beach goers, pick up basketball games & players, fortune tellers, roller skaters and up and coming DJs soon to hit the clubs. Beyond the sand, spend some time at the Ocean-Front walk, the skate park, the still popular Muscle Beach outdoor gym made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then head over to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, featuring trendy restaurants, stylish boutiques, galleries, and upscale cafés. Venice is a perfect destination to drive to have an unforgettable day by the Pacific Ocean. And while you are close, take your Envoy for a drive up Pacific Coast Highway.

4. Beverly Hills & Rodeo Drive:

The glamorous city of Beverly Hills is one of the crown jewels in the city of angels. Palm tree-lined streets, expensive boutiques, mega mansions, and upscale restaurants. This neighborhood is one of the best places in LA to bask in the glow of luxury, do retail therapy, and, most importantly, spot celebrities in their natural habitat. Book a Tesla and take a long drive to look at all of the beautiful homes in this area.

5. Santa Monica Pier:

The Santa Monica beach and pier are pearls of LA. At Santa Monica Beach, you will see miles of fine, glistening sand, playgrounds, parks, picnic areas, and staffed lifeguard stations. Nearly 10 million visitors frequent the area each year, most of whom follow the boardwalk to the Santa Monica Pier, whose ferris wheel is instantly recognizable from many movies and TV shows. Santa Monica is definitely one of my favorite places to spend time in this wide and diverse city. I recommend you visit this beautiful city as soon as possible! And if you need a car, you can book one from our Culver Mobility Hub which is open to the public and conveniently located in Culver City, next to Santa Monica. Download the Envoy Mobility app and select Culver Mobility Hub to book your car.

Los Angeles is an outstanding city to both visit and to live. I hope you find my list of attractions helpful and remember me while driving your Envoy in the city!


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