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5 Fun Things To Do in Seattle

This is the second city spotlight in our Summer guide series. We asked our team for insights and recommendations to help our members get the most out of their Summer. Since our team is located all over the country, we got great feedback to share! When you are looking for something fun and interesting to do in a city, you can get the best tips from a local. They know the best spots that are often left out of the traditional guidebooks. Here is a quick guide to Seattle with tips from someone who knows the city inside and out!

Today’s blog post is 5 fun things to do in Seattle written by Matthew Silva, Community Manager at Envoy Technologies.

Welcome to the Emerald City on the Puget Sound, surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests. Seattle is home to Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks and features the iconic Space Needle. Seattle has a reputation for being focused on environmentally friendly solutions and supporting sustainability in many forms. This makes it an ideal city for Envoy's electric car share program and it provides an easy and affordable way for residents and their guests to see the sights. Take a look!

Here are 5 fun activities to do in and around Seattle this summer.

1. Seattle is all about its seafood. So grab an Envoy and ride over to one of my personal favorites, Taylor Shellfish Farms with locations in the Queen Ann, Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square districts. There you will find the Pacific Northwest’s best shellfish paired with carefully selected wines, local beers and cocktails.

2. Envoy over to Colman Dock and hop on a ferry to Bremerton, Washington. There you can grab a bite to eat near the boardwalk and take a stroll through the Elandan Gardens featuring a waterfront bonsai garden.

3. Book an Envoy and drive up to the Seattle Premium Outlets to do some shopping at a mix of 130 traditional and outlet stores. You’ll find great deals on everything from housewares to designer clothes. And keep an eye out for garbage receptacles overflowing with clothing tags from our tax-adverse Canadian neighbors.

4. Make a day booking in an Envoy and head out to Mount Baker Wilderness to enjoy the breathtaking views while hiking, swimming, rafting, fishing, mountain biking and more.

5. Having trouble deciding between relaxing in a hot tub or cruising around Lake Union to enjoy a 360 degree view of Seattle? Well, don’t worry because Hot Tub Boats has you covered. You can drive an Envoy over to the docks in Queen Ann and rent a six person floating hot tub to “Soak in the Sea-nery.”

So, jump on the Envoy Mobility app, make your bookings by the hour or day and Envoy out to enjoy all that Seattle and the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


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