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10 Fun Things To Do On Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here and it is time for you to relax and recharge!

This is a great time for students to take a break from classes and go out and have some well deserved downtime. And families can get in on the fun too with great family oriented activities and vacations. But with gas prices at a all time high and travel prices soaring due to release of Covid restrictions, it might be a good idea to stay closer to home. There is still plenty to do, see and experience right in your area. Plus if you are lucky enough to have Envoy at your property, you can charge your Envoy car for free! How cool it that? This is how to beat high gas prices. Need an Envoy, nominate your property now.

To help inspire your #SpringBreakGoals, we put together a list of cool things to do this month and anytime you want to get away. Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, epic mountain landscapes or interesting sights, you will need a plan and a way to get there. Check it out.

Here are 10 fun things to do on Spring Break ( or any time of year!)

  1. Hit the local parks - all major cities have designated park and green spaces. Not only is this a great way to soak in the sun and play out doors, You also support your community by utilizing public spaces.

  2. Host block or floor party - what better way to meet your neighbors. You can have this party indoors or out doors. Might be a great reason to meet the residents in the dorm next door! Use your Envy car to get your party supplies.

  3. Have a ball at the ball park - take in a game or go play one of your own at a community center. Baseball is America's past time!

  4. Tour a national park - this could be a great day or overnight trip. Several parks have drive through areas that let you experience more sights in less time. Plus your Envoy electric car will not harm the environment!

  5. Have a picnic in the park - you hear this one all the time but have you taken the time to stop and smell the flowers? Be honest. Make this the break you take today! Stop by the store in your Envoy on the way to buy tasty picnic lunches.

  6. Camp out - Enjoy the great outdoors. You can drive to a camp site or even camp out in your own back yard. The point is to change up your routine. And it is fun to look at the night sky and see all of the stars. A real treat for city dwellers!

  7. Go to a museum - there is a reason why school trips always included a museum...because learning is fun! Look for one of the new interactive types that let you see and experience at the same time.

  8. Make your travel movie - Grab some friends and set out on your own movie making adventure. Use your imagination or try to recreate one of your favorite scenes. Book your Envoy today.

  9. Take a taste tour - pick a cuisine and map out some restaurants in your area or surrounding towns to create an exploration for your taste buds.

  10. Make a hometown bucket list and start checking them off - every town and city has something cool to see and areas you have yet to explore. Do it now. If you are in a town only for school, your time will be over before you know it. Get to know your town and neighbors before you graduate!

The point of Spring Break is to shake up your daily routine and recharge your mind and body by having new experiences. Take this time to live your life to the fullest and get there easily and safely in your Envoy. Electric cars are good for the environment. And good for your wallet!

Say goodbye to high gas prices and join the electric revolution! Learn more on how to bring this eco-friendly amenity to your multi-living, multifamily property or upcoming development!

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