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Envoy Vehicle: Need to Know

Envoy Vehicle: Need to Know

How To Book Your Envoy Car

How To Book Your Envoy Car



Create an account and register with a valid driver's license and credit card.



Add your location and input the location code that will be provided by your property management/leasing office or upload a utility bill as proof of address.



Book your electric vehicle by the hour or the day! Select the date and times for your trip, then pick your preferred vehicle from the available options.



Report any previous damage so you’re not liable. Press Start to begin your trip and unlock the car. During your ride, use the app to unlock and lock.



Return the vehicle to its designated parking space, plug the charger into the car, report any new damage, and follow the prompts on the Envoy app to end your trip.

Trouble Connecting?

Our Getting Started Guide should help!

Click the button for more information. From starting and ending your booking, to bluetooth connectivity.

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Vehicle Etiquette


Keep The Vehicle Clean!

Traveling with pets? Or perhaps, getting that last beach trip in? We support you 100% whatever the case may be. However, we understand that things like pet dander and sand love to stick to seats in a vehicle.


So, please be sure to plan a stop at a car wash facility if you intend to take a trip that might get a little messy. While Envoy ensures that each vehicle is on a cleaning schedule, it is still up to you to ensure the vehicle is able to be comfortably used for the next driver. Failure to do so may result in incurred fees of up to $150.

Return the Vehicle
On Time

We at Envoy understand that life can be busy and unpredictable. While certain things may prohibit a timely vehicle return once or twice, habitual late returns cannot be excused and additionally, may incur fees of up to $150.


**At this time, please note that the app allows any user from your community to book a vehicle after your reservation ending time regardless of the vehicle's GPS reading. While in some cases your booking may automatically extend, it is best to complete all extensions manually. If you find you're unable to complete a manual extension, it's likely due to another user's booking prohibiting you from completing the transaction.

Charge the Vehicle Upon Return

Wahoo! Riding with Envoy means you're doing the planet and everyone on it a huge favor by riding clean energy. It also means that the vehicle needs time to charge in order to be fully functional for the next booking.


Because electric vehicles can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to fully charge, you want to ensure your Envoy vehicle is actually left charging for the next user. Failure to do so may result in incurred fees of up to $150.

Starting Your Envoy Vehicle

Get a head start on your booking today! Click on a vehicle below to find out how easy it is to drive Envoy.

Charging Your Envoy Vehicle

Watch the App Video

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