Want affordable vehicles without a long-term contract? Weekly subscriptions for as low as $125*

Insurance, maintenance included and no need for gas!

*Pricing may vary due to inventory demands

Envoy is offering drivers in the Sacramento area access to its fleet of new
VW e-Golfs – voted a top 10 car by Car and Driver 
* –for a limited time only. 

Contact us to quickly qualify and start driving!

Why rent with Envoy?

Save Money

Envoy offers affordable pricing that covers all your biggest expenses:  maintenance, insurance...

and no need for gas! 

Plus, learn how Uber & SMUD can save you more money when driving an EV. Learn more.

Save the World

Not only is Envoy a personal benefit, it benefits
everyone around you too! Our fleet is entirely
comprised of zero-emission electric vehicles for cleaner air, plus, shared vehicles reduce traffic as well. Learn more about Uber's incentives for drivers switching to electric vehicles: click here.

Convenience and Flexibility

Envoy staff will walk you through the onboarding process and provide documents needed for driving with Uber.


Interested? Fill out form below.

Contact Us! 

(888) 610-0506     info@envoythere.com

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