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Want affordable vehicles without a long-term contract? Weekly subscriptions for as low as $125*

Insurance, maintenance included and no need for gas!

*Pricing may vary due to inventory demands


Envoy is offering drivers in the Sacramento area access to its fleet of new
VW e-Golfs – voted a top 10 car by Car and Driver 
* –for a limited time only. 

Contact us to quickly qualify and start driving!

Why rent with Envoy?

Save Money

Envoy offers affordable pricing that covers all your biggest expenses:  maintenance, insurance...

and no need for gas! 

Plus, learn how Uber & SMUD can save you more money when driving an EV. Learn more.

Save the World

Not only is Envoy a personal benefit, it benefits
everyone around you too! Our fleet is entirely
comprised of zero-emission electric vehicles for cleaner air, plus, shared vehicles reduce traffic as well. Learn more about Uber's incentives for drivers switching to electric vehicles: click here.

Convenience and Flexibility

Envoy staff will walk you through the onboarding process and provide documents needed for driving with Uber.


Interested? Fill out form below.

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