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Subscribe and Drive

Give your residents the perks of owning a luxury electric car without the commitment or hassle.* Month-to-month, no haggle e-mobility.

Multiple Plans Available*

  • Flexible Month-to-month plans 

  • Cancel anytime

  • One-time Registration fee

  • 21 and over allowed

  • Use Envoy insurance or bring your own

Convenience & Flexibility

  • It's your car, month to month

  • Contactless delivery

  • Never lose your keys - your smartphone IS the key!

Benefits of Electric

  • Our zero-emission electric vehicles improve air quality and are extremely fun to drive.

  • Save money - charging your battery costs less than filling up your tank with gas.

  • First time in an EV? Read this to get started.


Save your place in line!

Please fill out this form to get more information on subscription services for your property.

*Envoy Subscriptions (beta) are being developed to meet the needs of Envoy members who want longer term access without long term commitments. Pricing will vary based on vehicle availability and trim level. Envoy insurance can be included or member can bring their own - proof of insurance required. Insurance costs can vary by state. After/if application is approved a $750 activation fee will start the subscription plus the monthly subscription cost. Member can cancel anytime with 30 days notice. Further details are still in the works...

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