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Download the Envoy Mobility car-sharing app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


Sign Up:

Enter your phone number and email.



Upload a valid driver's license and credit/debit card and do a face scan so we know that you're you.


Add Location:

Click on the Envoy logo to view the drop-down menu, and click on “My Communities.” Search “St. Regis” and click on the red “Get Access” button. You may input the access code given by property management.


Book a vehicle for hours or days:

Once your community has been added, select the red “Find A Ride” button. Select if you want a car Today or on another date and for how long, then use the scroll bar to select from the available time slots for the designated Envoy vehicle.


Select your preferred time slot and select “Proceed to Payment.” Review the booking details and “Confirm Booking.”


You will receive a text from Envoy when it is time to start your booking. You have 15 minutes after the reservation time before the booking gets canceled.


Please call the valet at (XXX) XXX-XXXX to request the vehicle be retrieved for the start of your Envoy reservation.


Valet will use the designated Tesla keycard to deliver the Envoy to Valet Reception.


Upon your arrival to the Valet Reception, on the Envoy home screen, you select “Start Ride” and have your phone’s Bluetooth enabled so that the app can connect to the car. Once the Bluetooth has been connected, the Envoy vehicle will unlock.


Use the app to unlock/lock the car during your booking duration. The Bluetooth functionality allows the app to unlock the vehicle, even in areas with poor cellular reception.


Ending Reservation:

At the end of your booking, you will return the vehicle to Valet Reception and lock the car by ending their reservation using the Envoy Mobility App. Follow the prompts to submit. Once the “Thank You” page pops up, you're set to go!

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