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Electric Vehicles As An Amenity




Find a home, get a car. Your multifamily development has all the best amenities. Take it one step further! Add Envoy Electric Vehicles, E-Bikes, and E-Scooters exclusively accessible by your property's  tenants, guests, and staff.

Own an office complex? Envoy is the perfect solution for the modern day commuter. Provide your tenants with quick wheels for business meetings, errands, and all engagements. Public transport gets you pretty close to work. Envoy solves that last mile.

Want to offer your hotel guests something truly unique? Add Envoy's exclusive and luxurious electric vehicles. Your hotel rooms already  come with a book of trip destinations, now, give them wheels to get there, too!  


Fully Turnkey Solution

  • Full Fleet Insurance

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • On Site Car Wash

  • Charging Station Installation

  • On-Site Staff Training

"Envoy is one of our top three amenities as a lot of our residents do not own a car. Considering many of our residents live close to work, Envoy comes in handy!

I've had many residents move in from other states, even other countries, and they think it's completely amazing. They love that we offer Envoy as an amenity."


Donna Frausto

Forty55 Lofts Manager


"Envoy has definitely tapped into our niche! Our clientele loves the convenience of jumping into a car, running errands, having a joy ride without the commitment of maintenance.


Always there when you need it. Not to mention the fun Fiat car!"

Nancy Garcia

Property Manager

NMS Santa Monica

"Envoy came at the perfect time. As a member of WeWork Culver City who doesn't own a car, sometimes going off site to run an errand or two can be a bit challenging. Their service helped me to take several lunch breaks over the course of a few days to go ring shopping for my now fiancé! The ease of use and convenience made it so simple to accomplish. By the way, she loves the ring! Thank you Envoy!"

Vincent S.


WeWork Culver City

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Learn how Envoy is responding to the COVID-19 situation including offering 3 hours free to get your essentials.