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The Value of Providing Electric Cars as an Amenity in Luxury Apartment Buildings

Dog parks and pet spas, fitness centers, bowling alleys, rooftop terraces, and now electric vehicles? Read below to know why luxury residences are offering car sharing as an exclusive amenity to their residents!

As electric cars become more popular, luxury residences are starting to offer them as an amenity for residents. This trend is not only an additional perk for residents but also an opportunity for developers to differentiate themselves in the competitive luxury apartment market.

2 women charging an electric car

One of the primary benefits of offering electric cars to residents is the convenience it provides. With electric cars, residents can avoid the hassle of finding a gas station, which is particularly valuable in crowded metropolitan areas where gas stations can be difficult to access. Additionally, electric cars can be charged overnight, providing a full battery for the next day's commute without having to worry about stopping at a charging station during the day.

car model on stacks of coins

Another advantage of offering electric cars is that they are more environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline cars. In addition to producing zero emissions, electric cars also reduce noise pollution and improve air quality. This is particularly important in densely populated metropolitan areas, where air quality can be a major concern.

electric car charging in the sun

Electric cars also have lower operating costs than traditional gasoline cars. While the upfront cost of an electric car may be higher, the cost of charging an electric car is significantly less than the cost of filling up a traditional gasoline car. This can save residents money in the long run and help them save on their monthly expenses. Envoy works to reduce monthly expenses for residents by including insurance and maintenance for the vehicles they offer, and free charging at the EV’s home property!

house in the trees with electric car

Finally, electric car sharing in populated metropolitan cities can provide benefits for both the environment and residents. Many luxury apartment buildings offer Envoy electric car sharing to allow residents to have a car when they need it, reducing the need for multiple cars per household. This can help reduce traffic congestion, decrease carbon emissions, and lower the overall cost of car ownership for residents.

woman using mobile phone leaning on electric car

In conclusion, offering electric cars as an amenity for residents in luxury apartment buildings can provide a variety of benefits. From convenience and cost savings to environmental sustainability and reduced traffic congestion, electric cars offer a compelling proposition for both developers and residents alike. As electric car technology continues to evolve and become more mainstream, we can expect to see more luxury apartment buildings offering them as a perk for their residents.

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If your residential community is seeking to offer new or upgraded amenities that aim to reduce its environmental impact through LEED points, then Envoy electric car share may be the solution for you! Nominate your property today!

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