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Ten Awesome Eco-Friendly Gifts for The Holidays

It's gift giving season, and we are excited to share some eco-friendly gift giving ideas with you to share with your friends and family. Part of Envoy's core mission is to clean the air we breathe, promote sustainable transport, and make transportation greener. Take a look at our eco-friendly gift giving guide, and book a ride in one of our eco-friendly vehicles to shop and spend time with your loved ones this holiday season.

Stasher replaces 780 plastic bags every year. With the Stasher Sandwich 3-Pack, there's no more need for plastic bags for food storage. How sustainable! Stasher's bags are easily sealed, made with food grade platinum silicone, reusable, and leak free.

Good Time's hair and body products are 100% plastic-free and cruelty-free. Their shipping is 100% carbon neutral, and 50% of their profits are donated to clean water initiative charities. Good Time's Hair and Body bundle contains Hydrating Shampoo Bar, Hydrating Conditioner Bar and Cleansing Body Bar.

The Veja Marlin LT V-knit Ouro Pierre is a lightweight everyday travel shoe and elevated sneaker that can be dressed up or down. “They use natural materials like organic cotton and contract directly with farmers in advance of production to ensure farmer stability,” offers Kathy Kearns, fashion strategist. Plus these attractive sneakers give household waste a second life.

Let's say no to using plastic cutlery! The set comes in a variety of colors and includes a bamboo fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks. They also have bamboo cutlery sets for kids, and their sets come with a carrying case to make sure you have your eco-friendly cutlery at all times.

If you're a resident of a property that offers Envoy Car Sharing and are registered with our service, we think a great gift would be to invite your neighbor to signup for our great eco-friendly electric car sharing service. We will give $25 drive credit to you and your referred neighbor once they sign up! Also, think about what a great gift it would be to take your friend for a ride in an Envoy car to do some holiday shopping. Sounds like a fun, environmentally friendly idea!

Who wouldn't like a good grilled meal during the holiday season, or during any season? Regular charcoal usually used to grill is made from harmful chemicals and more that leaves chemical smoke on your food and harmful chemicals in the air. Prime 6’s 100 percent sustainable charcoal is the perfect resolution! It is reusable, is made from recycled hardwood and sawdust, and it is filler and chemical free.

These park inspired journals, made from recycled paper, are the perfect gift for someone who likes to travel, go hiking, loves the outdoors, or likes to record their travel memories and plans. Each journal contains a park on its cover, and inside is historical introduction. Also included is a placeholder for the official national parks stamp on the inside. Book your Envoy car to take an epic roadtrip!

An important part of eco-consciousness includes saving the trees. This Woodless Artist Colored Pencil Set by Karst Stone Paper is made from kaolin and pigment, keeping more trees rooted to the ground, where they should be. Share this gift with your creative friends and family. We're sure they'll love it!

These baking mats are made from German silicone and are reusable, non-stick, non-slip, and BPA free. Instead of using foil or parchment paper, your loved one who loves to cook, or bake can use these silicone baking mats while helping to save the environment as well. Bake something special for an elderly neighbor. Book you Envoy car to make a visit even more special.

This gift is made of all natural ingredients; mostly reclaimed, sustainable wheat stalks. The tumblers come with a matching screw-on lid and includes reusable straws. This gift is great for the reduction of plastic waste, especially from plastic water bottles.

We hope you have a happy holiday season however you celebrate it. This is a perfect list for Earth-conscious individuals who want to live a more sustainable life. But you don't have to spend any money to have a great holiday- spending time with family and friends is a perfect way to celebrate. Together we can improve the environment for the benefit of all.


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