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Mix Tape Motivation

There's nothing like cruising around in your Envoy vehicle to some great music. But, it can be hard to find good playlists that have compelling songs for all ages. That's where we come in. Envoy has made a collection of playlists for your ride that we've titled, Mixtape Motivation. Whether you are running errands or just running around town, we have a playlist for you that is sure to make you want to open the windows and sing a long!

Are you looking to scream your heart out to those songs that you've actually bothered learning over the years? Well you're in luck, because this playlist was made for YOU! We've got Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles'', "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey, and I know you're thinking, "Driver's License" by Olivia Rodrigo. Whether you're taking a quick road trip in your Envoy, or simply jetting to the store, you'll be singing in the key of Z all the way there.

A fun playlist whose songs all have one word in common, "Electric"! With songs from Dua Lipa, the Jahtones, all the way to Janelle Monae, this playlist is sure to ensure a very, electric ride!

Do you need some energy for all those early morning errands you've got to get it? Well tune into this playlist for some fun tunes that'll keep you on your feet long enough to grab the laundry, AND get those groceries.

Summer's over, holidays are here, and that means traveling to see the people you've missed over the past year. We've got some road trip hits that are sure to provide nothing but entertainment for your ride!

Are you looking for a playlists for those late night/ early morning rides? Featuring Shiloh, LLusion, Tomppabeats, and more-- this playlist can be your study buddy, or your road runner!

Learn more about how easy it is to drive an EV. Check out our quick guide on EV 101 to get your started..


Do you have a great driving playlist to share? Let us know and you can earn driving credits if we feature it on our Spotify channel. Email us at

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