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Luxury Living in Historical Boston South End Meets Emobility Future

Envoy launches electric car share at The Quinn and The Harris in Boston's South End with a Tesla Model 3 exclusively for residents.

Residents of The Quinn and The Harris now have the flexibility of driving their own Tesla Model 3 whenever they need to drive to a meeting, go shopping or just want to relax and go out for some fun! Property owners and managers are learning that unique amenities like Envoy electric cars can help them lease up faster and stay at full occupancy.

Using the Envoy mobility app, it is easy for residents of The Quinn and The Harris to book their Tesla Model 3 for a last minute trip or schedule it weeks in advance.

Envoy electric car share is a smart fit for the people who want to live a cosmopolitan lifestyle but do not want the added expense or hassle of owning a car. With zero emissions, Envoy cars offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for the new age of urban living.

Tesla steering wheel
Tesla Model 3 can be booked by residents when they need a car

The South End is one of Boston's most beautiful and culturally diverse neighborhoods. Residents of this vibrant neighborhood enjoy a wide array of restaurants, outdoor markets, shopping plazas and cultural sights in this historic area. People looking for high end living are being drawn to newly opened The Quinn and The Harris buildings for their gorgeous views, spacious floor plans and exclusive high end amenities including a luxury electric car to book whenever they need it.

The buildings developed by Related Beal offers a variety of living spaces with both apartments and condos and several unique amenities that set them apart in the competitive market.

picture of The Quinn and The Harris buildings
Residents of The Quinn and The Harris enjoy the easy lifestyle of emobility

Say goodbye to high gas prices and join the electric revolution! Learn more on how to bring this eco-friendly amenity to your multi-living, multifamily property or upcoming development!

To find out more about the range of vehicles offered in our fleet, check out our Fleet page:

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