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LACI Senate Bill 551 Press Event at LKIC: Envoy Vehicle Display

LACI held a press event at La Kretz Innovation Campus on August 12th, 2021 to demonstrate support for Senate Bill 551 ahead of its final critical hearings in the California Legislature. We were invited to participate by having Envoy cars on display to share with the attendees how we supported equality partnerships. We brought a new Polestar 2 to display alongside the other electric mobility vehicles.

Speakers included Senator Henry Stern, Matt Petersen CEO of LACI, Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park), Jacquelyn Badejo, Watts Clean Air & Energy Committee co-chair, Vanessa Morelan, Western States Program Manager, EVNoire as well as other environmental justice advocates. They called for the approval of legislation to accelerate transportation electrification to dramatically reduce harmful air and climate pollutants and prioritize investments and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) deployments in communities disproportionately burdened by air pollution.

“The path to a zero emissions future includes addressing community needs as well as key technology, business model and educational challenges. ” says Matt Petersen, CEO of LACI

At Envoy, we want to ensure that the mobility revolution will be inclusive and equal, which is why we build public and private partnerships to create programs that bring Envoy to low income and disadvantaged communities. We are committed to providing affordable, convenient and sustainable transportation options by offering Mobility as an Amenity™ where you live, work, or stay. And we thank LACI for their continued support in our mission!

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