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Envoy Launches at Senior Living Community, Miracle Terrace, in Partnership with The City of Anaheim

This pilot program provides FREE limited and exclusive access to two electric vehicles (EVs) for residents who live in multi-family affordable (MFA) housing developments in Anaheim, California.

Envoy and The City of Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) are proud to provide a new community resource - Envoy Electric Vehicle Ride Sharing at Miracle Terrace, managed by FPI Management.

The two electric vehicles that are offered at no cost to residents are Chevy Bolts. These vehicles are great cars to navigate around the city with a mileage range up to 151 miles. Residents can travel safely knowing that their vehicles are fully charged because the property has also provided EVOCHARGE charging stations onsite for the Envoy car sharing vehicles. The Envoy vehicles are conveniently located in the middle of the parking lot, right next to another amenity, the dog park for any fur companions.

The announcement of Envoy at Miracle Terrace was greatly accepted and appreciated by residents. Envoy hosted a “Lunch and Learn” on April 20th for residents to eat a meal while learning about Envoy. The lunch was provided by The City of Anaheim Public Utilities. Since Miracle Terrace is an independent senior-living community, many residents do not have any assistance or means of transportation. Having this amenity onsite provides access to transportation in a clean and sustainable way and is made possible through rebate incentives.

Residents now have transportation for doctor appointments, grocery shopping, polling locations to vote, or other essential errands. This is the first senior living property in Anaheim to launch this program. It will surely not be the last property to adopt vehicle ride sharing for their residents. This program was also recently launched at Pradera Apartments.

The City of Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) program in coordination with Envoy Technologies provides residents with access to electric cars through community car share. Electric cars (EVs) are more cost efficient in comparison to a conventional vehicle powered solely by an internal combustion engine (ICE). However, owning or leasing a vehicle still requires paying insurance fees, car registration, maintenance, and parking space fees, etc. By having Envoy onsite at Miracle Terrace, residents are now able to drive an EV at no cost (up to a usage threshold). APU has provided rebates to offset the costs of two electric cars.

Envoy Technologies is proud to support Anaheim residents with zero emissions and environmentally friendly cars that will help make their lives easier.

Your property may be eligible for this program or ones like it in your community! Nominate your property to get started.

To find out more about the range of vehicles offered in our fleet, check out our Fleet page found here:

To find out more information about the EV Ride Sharing Pilot Program offered by The City of Anaheim Public Utilities (APU), check out the link:

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