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Envoy is a Recertified Sustainable Business and Certified Innovator in Culver City

Envoy has been recognized as a Recertified Innovator and as a Culver City sustainable business by the City of Culver City! We would like to thank the Culver City Sustainable Business Certification Program for promoting our efforts to clean the air we breathe, promote sustainable transport, and work to make cities, building development, parking, and transportation greener.

How we qualify:

  • Save money by reducing energy, trash pickup, and water use costs

  • Attract customers who appreciate green businesses

  • Improve employee well-being and productivity

  • Help the city achieve its goals to reduce climate change impacts

  • Engage with a growing community of local sustainable businesses

  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste, lower resource consumption, and improve the environment for the benefit of all

This year was the Fifth Annual Awards Celebration for the Culver City Sustainable Business Certification Program. In partnership with Sustainable Works and Balanced Approach. Endorsed by Culver City Chamber of Commerce, Every Energy Partners, and Culver City Downtown Business Association. Thank you for bestowing this award to us, Albert Vera, Mayor of Culver City.

The City of Culver City in partnership with the Culver City Sustainable Business Program acknowledges the many sustainable measures and practices that sustainable businesses incorporate into their operations that provide financial, social, and environmental benefits to the community. Envoy is now a member of the California Green Business Network, a statewide searchable registry of certified sustainable businesses.

Culver City Mayor Albert Vera at the 5th Annual Culver City Sustainable Business Certification Awards. Picture Credit: Justin Han Photography

There are 50 City/County funded Green Business Programs and more than 4,700 certified businesses statewide and growing.

In 2022, Green Businesses Reduced:

  • 95 million pounds of greenhouse gases

  • 17 million pounds of waste

  • 6 million therms of natural gas

  • 156 million gallons of water

  • 41 million kWh of energy

  • $11.6 million in utility bill savings

Thank you for joining us on our journey towards a greener future. Together, we're driving positive change for our planet one electric shared ride at a time.


Nominate your property today. Join our sustainable journey! Envoy works to reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use through our service of electric vehicle car-sharing. Green buildings can become more sustainable and receive LEED credits by providing building occupants access to a low-emitting or fuel-efficient vehicle-sharing program such as Envoy.

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