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Envoy Hawaii property wins American Planning Best Practice Award

Envoy Hawaii property, Hale Kalele, is honored with an award and sets the stage for a sustainable future in island multifamily housing.

The Hale Kalele/Hale Hilinai complex is a project that blends an environmentally conscious 200-unit, all-affordable rental tower with a juvenile services facility and has received the 2022 Best Practice Award by the American Planning Association Hawaii Chapter. Each year, APA's National Planning Awards honors planning efforts, initiatives and individuals working to make a safer, stronger and more just communities for all.

“The jury was impressed by the project’s mix of affordable housing and civic uses, its timely completion despite the all too familiar implementation challenges that accompany such projects, and its efforts to showcase environmentally sustainable building practices and amenities that are expected to result in utility savings, and lower living costs and (a reduction in) the project’s carbon footprint,” the APA Hawaii Chapter said in its presentation materials.

Envoy Hawaii launched Nissan Leaf electric cars this year to the Hale Kalele property. Residents are enjoying the ease of use and environmentally friendly aspect of this amenity. Envoy electric cars aren't just cool, they help residents live fuller lives by giving them emobility when they want it at hourly rental prices that are vastly under what it costs to own a private car.

Hale Kalele was created with Island residents in mind. The newly constructed building is the first of its kind to offer fully integrated EV carsharing onsite - exclusively for Residents, Friends & Family.

The developer achieved energy savings and carbon reduction through photovoltaic and battery storage systems, shared electric vehicles, and rentable electric bicycles. It is also the first structure in Hawaii to use Carbon Cure technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Envoy's unique business model bolsters the commercial real estate industry's ability to attract and retain residents, tenants and guests with our exclusive electric car sharing service and EV charging stations while providing an essential service: affordable, convenient, safe, sustainable transportation.

Property managers and developers that are interested in learning more about how to bring Envoy electric cars as an amenity their their building can contact us through our Nominate Your Property form.

Read the full award details at

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