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Envoy shows off electric luxury at The Real Deal’s South Florida Showcase.

Envoy showcased electric car sharing as an amenity and displayed a luxurious Porsche Taycan at our booth to demonstrate one of the many cars available in our fleet!

The Real Deal’s South Florida Showcase & Forum returned on November 10, 2022 as the central ground for new ideas in real estate.

electric car at a conference hall
Envoy showed off fleet favorite, Porsche Taycan

The yearly event attracted more than 4,500 professionals across commercial and residential real estate, development, brokerages, financial services and investment, and professional services. While attendees were a little anxious about Category 1 hurricane Nicole making landfall in the surrounding area, the event turnout was still a success and the networking was top tier!

Envoy returned to the event this year in a booth with Blink Charging to showcase the ease and attraction of emobility. Several members of the Envoy team were in attendance to connect with real estate professionals and industry leaders to talk about the advantages of providing a luxury mobility amenity.

With the larger presence of Envoy vehicles in Miami and South Florida, Envoy found it essential to attend the showcase. Not just for our company, but for property developers and real estate professionals to elevate their building amenities! It’s no surprise that businesses and homebuyers are relocating from all over the nation to South Florida’s warmer and friendlier shores. With this relocation and movement results in expansion and opportunities for growth at an all time record.

There was high interest at the Envoy booth this year to discuss the advantages of electric car sharing as a means to meet parking requirements, incentivize leases, and attract new residents while providing an economically attractive solution for mobility in impacted urban areas that continue to grow.

Visitors to Envoy’s booth were invited to enter the Envoy Electric Experience contest for a chance to win a luxury electric car for the weekend.

The electric vehicle revolution is already here with much support from state and federal legislation. Forward-thinking property developers and managers have to take action in order to address the dramatic implications for their businesses. From satisfying parking requirements to providing charge stations for new developments, Envoy is ready to help bring shared electric mobility to properties of all sizes.


Join the electric future! Are you a Property Manager or Real Estate developer? Take a look at what other properties are saying about Envoy electric car share service as an amenity.

If your property does not offer Envoy as a shared electric vehicle mobility, you should nominate your property today.

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