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Environmentally and Eco-friendly Earth Day Activities for 2022

Earth Day activities to help you create change while celebrating our planet. We can make big and small changes by creating new habits and having fun.

As a Certified Sustainable Business in Culver City, we take pride in our business practices. There are several car rental or car-sharing companies, but very few have a fleet of only electric vehicles. Our efforts not only promote sustainable transport, but they help clean the air we breathe by reducing carbon emissions. Envoy has been uplifting car-share vehicles in underserved communities since inception. In 2018, Envoy joined the unprecedented regional collaboration, Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP), with LACI to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and air pollution by the time of the 2028 Olympics. To date, we have saved 530 metric tons of emissions and we don’t plan on stopping!

In addition to the 530 metric tons of emissions saved from our small start-up in Culver City, we also planted 6,757 trees since Envoy’s inception. We make transportation greener while making cities greener too! Our partnerships with building developers also emphasizes on promoting green or LEED-certified buildings.

We appreciate Earth Day because it calls us to promote protecting the Earth’s ecosystems through small and large-scale actions. Check out some of our ideas and activities below! Make sure to tag us on social media if you take an Envoy vehicle with you and you could be eligible to receive driving credit on your next Envoy booking.

Volunteer for a local environmentally-based organization.

There are beach, river, or freeway cleanups run by organizations who all have the same mission: cleaning up the environment and preventing more trash and landfill from entering the ocean. Earth Day is an excellent time to do some research and get active with organizations near you.

A local Los Angeles nonprofit organization Envoy supports is Drive-by Do-Gooders. Drive-by Do-Gooders’ mission is to provide the homeless and their animal companions on Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles, with food and hygiene supplies. This organization needs transportation in order to distribute food, water, wipes, tarps, etc. Envoy is proud to provide electric vehicles in order for them to continue their mission! Envoy employees have volunteered with Drive-by Do-Gooders and also contributed supplies for the dogs living with their owners on Skid Row.

Since all non-profit organizations’ missions and purposes are to further a social cause and provide a public benefit, you are sure to find a non-profit that aligns with your goals too.

Ditch the internal combustion engine (gas-fueled vehicle) for the day.

Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to test out how walking or biking to work might be for you. If neither of those options are feasible, then consider going electric! Electric bikes, scooters, and vehicles are much more widespread now and are just as good forms of transportation than a regular gas-powered vehicle, and even better for the environment.

Envoy has a variety of electric vehicles that can be booked based on your driving needs. From the smaller-sized Nissan Leaf, to the roomier Polestar 2 or Tesla Model Y. We have plenty of vehicles that can be driven across town or to the nearest city! Plan out a road trip with an EV, it will make for a quiet driving experience. Just make sure to map out a charge station route that aligns with your food pit stops.


Now that seems like a no-brainer, but recycling goes beyond sorting out your trash and recyclables for trash day. We encourage you to recycle and repurpose containers. An empty jar of pickles is now a new food-storage container! Clothes that no longer fit can be repurposed into a sustainable tote, or donated to a local shelter or charity. Instead of purchasing new items from a furniture store, you can check Facebook or Craigslist for the same item being given away or sold by a nearby neighbor. There are many ways to recycle and repurpose items to give them a second-chance at life and further protect the environment by reducing waste.

Grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables.

While planting a tree is beneficial for the planet, we also encourage our community members to grow their own plants, herbs, and essential vegetables! Many grocery stores supply fruits and vegetables locally, but there are a few vegetables and fruits that are transported for hundreds of miles. Most of the transportation for fruits and vegetables is not electric either! Tons of carbon emissions just for fruits and vegetables that can be grown in the comfort of your own home. While growing your own fruits and vegetables may not be feasible for some city-dwellers, there are also community gardens that may be near you. Earth Day is a great day to find a local city garden, or research what vegetables thrive in your region and start planting!

We hope this list provides insight and ideas on resourceful Earth Day activities that protect the planet. This is a perfect list for Earth-conscious individuals who are just beginning their sustainable journey. These activities can start today and continue on for generations, it all starts with you! With a combined effort, together we can improve the environment for the benefit of all.

Join the electric revolution and nominate your property to receive an Envoy car. We are nationwide and have properties across the US that enjoy the Envoy advantage.

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