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Electric car share for student housing - Stateside, Bellingham

Greetings from Bellingham, Washington! We launched our electric car share at Stateside, Western Washington University off-campus housing and are excited to welcome them to the Envoy community! Residents can book their electric car, the Nissan Leaf, by the hour or the day through the Envoy Mobility app. As with all Envoy electric cars we include insurance and maintenance plus free charging for drivers onsite at their own electric car charging station. That means that student residents will save money by not having a car payment, insurance payment, maintenance payment or putting gas in their car. That will help them as they navigate the costs of tuition, books, activity fees and all of the other expenses that come with a college education. Residents of Stateside will also take pride in knowing that their electric car is good for the environment and will help to keep the keep the air clean in their beautiful state of Washington.

Stateside Bellingham student apartments loves their Envoy electric car so much that they included it in their recent Winter Road Trip Giveaway. Every resident was given one raffle ticket and they could earn extra tickets for every ride they booked in their Envoy electric car during the month of December. As part of their lease up campaign, the gift bundle was valued at $1,000 and won by one lucky resident. It must have worked because they announced, they are fully leased through Fall 2022! Great job Stateside!

This beautiful, modern property was designed by award-winning architecture firm, Mithun making Stateside’s Bellingham student apartments are like no other off-campus apartments near WWU. Equipped with an eco-friendly, imaginative, and people-centric approach, Stateside is the perfect fit for those who are searching for housing within minutes of Western Washington University. Stateside invites you to discover a one-of-a-kind living experience with convenient access to wherever you need to be — class, shopping, hiking, dining, and all are much easier to get to now that students have Envoy's exclusive electric car share onsite!

Do you manage or living in student housing and are interested in learning more about electric car share for your student property? Contact with us to nominate your property and learn more about providing a shared e-mobility amenity. Join the electric revolution and learn how to bring this eco-friendly, zero emissions and sustainable mobility option where you live, work or stay!

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