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California Clean Air Day 2021

Envoy Technologies participated in the 4th Annual California Clean Air Day, culminating on October 6th, 2021. The campaign encouraged people to take an online pledge to take simple actions to help clear the air in their community. 7 of the 10 most polluted cities in the U.S. are in California, plus transportation is the single biggest source of air pollution in the state. Envoy is doing its part to reduce vehicle emissions by deploying more electric vehicles to our property partners.

For our part, Envoy employees were invited to take the pledge and share it with their family and friends. We also help to spread the work through social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And sent email outreach to our members to invite them to the campaign for clean air in their own community.

Envoy employee pledge board
Envoy employees pledge to take action

The Clean Air Pledge helped to raise awareness and educate about the impact of personal actions. It was a great way to engage our employees and customers and remind them that their personal actions make a big difference in local air quality. You can take the pledge here:

Clean Air Day is a positive way to engage around an issue that is increasingly on the top of mind for an increasing number of California residents. Encouraging and inspiring individuals to take simple but effective steps to protect their health and improve air quality is an important first step to building life-long habits. It is an opportunity to say publicly that you are a part of the solution.

This year was the biggest turnout yet for the Clean Air Day campaign:

600+ organizations participated

1.8 million participants on California Clean Air Day

3.4 millions actions to clear the air

5 counties in California participated

The continued growth over the last 4 years is a testimony to the impact of online social change campaigns for inspiring real world actions. Let’s keep it up!

Envoy employee pledge chart
Envoy employees pledge to reduce vehicle emissions

Neighborhoods where Envoy employees reside
Envoy employees neighborhood guide

Action steps that have impact
Envoy employees pledge to switch it out

Plant something guide
Envoy employees pledge to plant gardens, trees and greens

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