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5 Fun Things To Do in Washington, DC

When you want to make your vacation a learning experience, then Washington, DC is hard to beat. It is one of the most visited cities in America and provides the opportunity to learn, share and reflect on the events that made our country into a great nation. But there is so much more to see and do in this vibrant town.

Today’s blog is written by Jayna Brown, Customer Experience Representative at Envoy Technologies.

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Washington, DC, our nation's capital and one of the most beautiful cities on the Eastern shore this Summer? You might be thinking you’ll catch up on some history there, and you will. But don’t forget to join in on the art, culture, and food that keeps this city on everyone’s radar. Here are 5 fun things to do in Washington, DC and some of my favorite excursions.

1. Malcolm X Park Drum Circle

During your visit listen for the sounds of African drums at Malcolm X Park, also known as Meridian Hill, every Sunday at 3pm. A 40-year tradition started by a small group of African-Americans has now turned into a full-blown 20 person drum circle with twice as many people dancing, hula-hooping, baton-throwing, and much more. You can bring the whole family, find a parking spot nearby, and dance the afternoon away.

2. Cherry Blossoms/Pedal Boats on the River

There’s really only two places in the world known for their cherry blossom trees and one of them just so happens to be called the District of Columbia. Now, cruising through the streets of DC is one way to appreciate the beauty of these trees. However, there is a much more fun and family-friendly activity you may partake in known as the Tidal Basin Pedal Boats. Located off of Maine Avenue, you can park your Envoy vehicle in one of the many parking garages or street parking spaces available.

3. Rock Creek Park Horse Center

Don’t think that the only thing this city has to offer is…well city! Down the Sylvan Trail, you can ride horses right in the middle of town. At this park, you’ll find fun coupled with education for the whole family. With no experience necessary, you are guaranteed to enjoy some of the most spectacular scenic trails that DC has to offer. Once you’re ready to saddle up your Envoy vehicle, take a drive that will be just as beautiful as the horse ride.

4. Night out on U Street

Every city has a street known as THE street. For me, in my hometown of DC, U Street takes that award. So, grab a bite at soul food spot Oohh’s and Aahh’s. Then, cross the way to experience the beautiful and legendary architecture of the African American Civil War Memorial. Here, the fun is just beginning once you grab a drink and enjoy an invigorating open mic show at Busboys and Poets. To end the night, take in the lit-up scene of the city after dark.

5. The Wharf

It’s important to note, you cannot come to DC without experiencing the magic that is The Wharf! From award-winning restaurants to dazzling concerts such as Jazzfest, this seafood set-up by the water has allowed family and friends to create life-long memories. So jump out of your Envoy, charge it up, and play some games on the dock, check out the fish market, or enjoy a free concert on the pier.

With the help of Envoy, we hope you enjoy good conversations, lots of laughs, and maybe even a few tears on your trip to one of the greatest cities in the world. You never know what adventures you’ll go on with us!


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