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5 Fun Things To Do in Boston

We love traveling and driving here at Envoy! Exploring new cities and getting to experience the local vibe is always fun. You can count on Envoy to get you there and give you some some great tips for a fun weekend. This week we are featuring five fun things to do in Boston!

Today’s blog is written by Jayna Brown, Customer Experience Representative at Envoy Technologies.

As an outsider looking in, you may know Boston for its world famous clam chowder, award-winning baseball team (The Red Sox), or even its historical “Tea Party” from the 18th century. However, while it is known to be one of the biggest hubs in the state, there’s seemingly endless possibilities this "titletown" has to offer.

1. Explore Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill may be small, but it still holds the title as one of the oldest, most spectacular neighborhoods in Boston. While it remains a top contender in the looks department, this square-mile town is also home to some of America’s first historical landmarks. When driving your Envoy car, the Massachusetts State House and the Boston Common are just a few landmarks you’ll pass by on the Freedom Trail through the center of the city. Top off the ride by checking out the antique shops lined on Charles Street or the wonderful Public Garden. It’s safe to say, taking the scenic route through this neighborhood is the way to go!

2. Boston Freedom Trail Walking Tour with Costumed Guide

With over 16 sites to explore, the Boston Freedom Trail is one of the best ways to explore the rich and illustrious history of this city. No trip to Boston is complete without it, so buckle up your Envoy and drive to the start of the brick pathway! Some of the locations you’ll be able to see include the King’s Chapel and the Benjamin Franklin statue. With a guide dressed to the nines in 18th century attire, this tour is the closest thing to time travel we have…yet!

3. Tour of Historic Fenway Park, America's Most Beloved Ballpark

Aside from being home to one of the greatest, and oldest baseball teams in history, Fenway Park is also a beautiful place to get some super cool photo-ops! Luckily, there is a tour that allows you to soak in all the glory of this 50,000 person stadium. From the Green Monster, the tallest wall in a major league stadium, to the red seat; a symbol of the longest home-run ever hit in Fenway Park! So, if you want to hit it out of the PARKing lot, cruise in your Envoy vehicle right to the ball-game!

4. Shopping at North End

Now, I know Boston is known for its chowder and baked beans, but one of the greatest gems of Boston is actually their “Little Italy”. Located on the North End of the city, this strip has tons of eateries and shops for the whole family to enjoy. Good thing your Envoy vehicle will have plenty of trunk space for all of the produce you can buy from Alba Produce (or Albie’s), or top-notch butchery from Sulmona Meat Market.

5. Visit Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

What Boston trip would be fulfilled without being fully immersed into the world of the Boston Tea Party! At the Boston Tea Party Museum, prepare to feel a part of history in the making as actors perform a live reenactment, with your help, of one of the most revolutionary events of New England. The museum is also home to two exquisite recreations of real 18th-century merchant ships, stationed along the Congress Street bridge in Fort Point Channel on the day of the tea party. As cool as it’d be to take a ride in one of these awesome transports, it’s even cooler to ride up to this fantastic gallery in a clean-energy Envoy vehicle. Paul Revere, who’s reenactment film closes out the museum tour, would be so proud!


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