Don't get locked out!

Use your Key Coin.

Envoy Key Coins ensure you can lock and unlock vehicles even if cell reception is poor like in underground garages, etc. They also work even faster than the lock/unlock command in the app. Grab a free Key Coin from the glovebox of any Envoy vehicle, request one from your property manager, or contact us by clicking below!

How It Works

Register Your Key Coin

Step 1

Click "Register Key Coin"

in the Profile Section

Step 2

Input your 5 digit Key Coin number (located after "EN-")

Step 3

Confirm the number and then submit! Easy as that!

Use Your Key Coin

Step 1

Start your booking

Step 2

Scan your Key Coin on the sensor on the windshield to unlock/lock

*keep smart phone away from Key Coin while scanning


Don't have Envoy?

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