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You're invited to Greystar's New Mobility Plan

You are invited to participate in a new mobility program that offers electric vehicle (EV) car sharing and EV charging as resident amenities. The intention of this program is to prepare you for the new mobility revolution by bringing the best amenities to your property that have been vetted by Greystar Innovation. You will have the opportunity to select the services that best fit your property's needs. Learn more below about how to request these services, including the Envoy electric (EV) car sharing amenity and ChargePoint EV charging solutions.

What is Envoy?

En­voy is a community-based share­­d mobility platform, providing on-demand electric vehicles as an exclusive amenity for apartments, hotels, and workplaces; enabling mo­bil­i­ty as an ameni­ty where people live, work or stay.  Envoy vehicles are conveniently located on property with a dedicated parking space and electric vehicle charger and can be reserved by residents instantly or in advance through the Envoy There mobile app. 

Click here to get started.

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What is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint is the market leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging, operating the largest and most open network in the world with best-in-class hardware and advanced cloud-based services.

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By partnering with Greystar, ChargePoint and Envoy are focused on helping you improve your readiness and engagement in addressing the rapidly growing demand for on-demand mobility options and EV charging in a multifamily residential setting.

How to get started:

Select the option that best fits your community:

  1. You are interested in learning more about Envoy + ChargePoint

  2. You are only interested in Envoy on-demand electric vehicles

  3. You are only interested in ChargePoint EV charging

More About Envoy

A hassle-free experience

  • Greystar has already negotiated the best options so you don't have to!

  • Envoy and ChargePoint experts will advise on vehicle selection and charging options that best suit your property and support your project each step of the way.

This is a limited-time offer, get in touch with us soon.

Quick reference resources

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