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Envoy Technologies, Inc. User Fee & Subscriptions Schedule


Dated: 3/3/2023


The following are the standard rates that typically apply.  User is billed on a per hour basis. Maximum daily rates may also apply. Envoy reserves its right to modify the below rates at its sole and absolute discretion and You are always encouraged to check the app for applicable rates before beginning your reservation.  Although these are standard rates, the rates may vary depending on the property, model type and seasonality. Envoy also reserves the right to add additional vehicles to its platform even if the particular vehicle added is not listed below.


Make / Model - Rate


Rivian R1T

$30 per hour


Tesla Model S

$28 per hour


Tesla Model X

$28 per hour


Tesla Model 3

$24 per hour


Tesla Model Y

$24 per hour


Polestar 2

$24 per hour


Audi eTron

$24 per hour


Chevy Bolt EUV

$15 per hour


Chevy Bolt EV

$12 per hour


Nissan Leaf

$12 per hour



Making A Reservation


To load funds for an Envoy booking, make a Wallet deposit in the app, which will process a charge to your selected payment method for the amount of credits loaded. Once credits are loaded, they may be used to schedule a reservation. Bookings must be 1 hour minimum. Remaining wallet funds may be used to process booking extension fees, Terms of Service violation fees, repair costs, or other associated fees as needed.


Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 1 hour before your reservation time to avoid cancellation fees. 


If you cancel within 1 hour of your reservation, your account will be billed 25% of the reservation amount. 


If you do not show up for your reservation within 15 minutes of the start time, and haven't canceled it in the app, your account will be billed for the full reservation amount. 


If you're making a booking for instant use and need to cancel, there is a 15 minute grace period to make cancellations without fee.

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