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Envoy & Electrify America Have Teamed Up

As part of Electrify America's Green City Initiative, Envoy has deployed 90 zero tailpipe emission,

car sharing vehicles and EV charging stations to low income communities in Sacramento. 

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Envoy Branded Volkswagen e-Golf

Envoy has been selected by Electrify America's Green City Initiative and the City of Sacramento to provide its community-based electric vehicle (EV) car sharing platform to a multitude of low income resident communities in Sacramento. Use this page to stay up to date on our latest deployments in the Sacramento region.

The "Envoy There" car sharing app connects drivers to fast charging electric vehicles at convenient locations such as office buildings and apartment buildings. Envoy's EV's provide convenience for running errands, going to the doctors office, picking up groceries, and more.


The Envoy EV fleet in the Sacramento region will feature over 90 Volkswagen e-Golfs across over 45 locations, each with a dedicated Level 2 EV charging station. Envoy will also dedicate a substantial portion of its Sacramento fleet to serve low-income and disadvantaged communities, providing equitable transportation for drivers.

Our map below will provide up-to-date progress on the site locations that are participating in Envoy's shared electric vehicle program. Each electric vehicle is only accessible by residents of these Envoy affiliated properties. To recruit your property for program inclusion, nominate your property below!

1 Low-income and disadvantage community numbers are based off of the CalEnviroScreen 3.0 (

Note: access to Envoy's shared vehicles shown in map above is limited to residents of the affiliated property, unless otherwise noted.

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