At Envoy, the health and safety of our community and employees is our top priority. We are all watching the news carefully and are aware of the various health concerns associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), especially for those who are at higher risk. Below are some of the actions we are taking in response to this evolving situation.

We are also here to help. 

We are giving away 1 hour free for Envoy members to get their essentials.


Our vehicle maintenance partners AndGo by Goodyear and Simply Clean have enhanced their sanitization efforts, both in frequency and procedures. They're using an industrial-strength sanitization solution on the interior/exterior "touch" surfaces of Envoy vehicles.

Since Envoy vehicles are exclusively for you and your neighbors, we encourage our members to Be a Good Neighbor and follow CDC guidelines to keep us safe.


Both Envoy and our vehicle maintenance partners have trained our staff and promoted additional healthy hygiene and safety practices within the team that works behind the scenes to care for our vehicles.



One benefit of Envoy compared to other shared options is that our vehicles are exclusive for you and your neighbors. So, if we all pitch in, we have a much better chance to keep us all safe and healthy. Follow these simple tips to be a good neighbor.


Practice good hygiene, wash your hands before and after using Envoy, and cover your mouth.

keep car clean

Wipe down the steering wheel and other "touch surfaces" before and after using. Remove all trash.


Keep at least 6 feet apart from others. This means do not drive/ride with others you do not live with.


Follow the CDC and government guidelines to keep us all healthy and safe. 



Joel, Property Manager

“Envoy cars are a big hit with our residents one of them even went as far as selling their cars as they did not use it enough and they saved money on all aspects. “

Aisha, Resident

I use envoy all the time and its super helpful. it helps me run errands, see friends/family, and quickly get to places. Its really convenient. 

Kyla, Resident

I really appreciate being able to use the Envoy cars. It allows me to get where I need to go without having to go broke from Ubers.


Food delivery companies are looking for drivers. Learn how you can use your Envoy vehicle to make some moolah.


During this difficult time, it is important to think of those less fortunate. Learn more about how you can do good in your community with Envoy.

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