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Envoy Branded Fiat 500e

Creating a Sustainable & Inclusive Mobility Revolution

with Our Exclusive Car Sharing Platform

About Envoy

Envoy is a car sharing platform with an iOS/Android app that provides on-demand electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters as an amenity to apartments, office buildings, and hotels.

Envoy's Mission

Envoy is committed to providing affordable, convenient and sustainable transportation options by offering Mobility as an Amenity™ where you live, work, or stay. We offer vehicles to fit every lifestyle - from Fiats to Teslas, we have the electric vehicle that's right for you as a property owner or manager for your community. At Envoy, we want to ensure that the mobility revolution will be inclusive and equal, which is why we build public and private partnerships to create programs that bring Envoy  to low income and disadvantaged communities.  #MobilityForAll 


Electrify America

Electrify America Logo

Envoy has been selected by the Electrify America Green City Program to become the exclusive vendor partner for roundtrip car sharing. Electrify America and its partners are transforming Sacramento into America's first Green City by implementing zero emission car sharing, bus, and shuttle services, bundled with ample EV infrastructure. The program will expand nationwide throughout the next 10 years.

Through this partnership, Envoy has deployed 90 electric vehicles at 45 residential communities all within the city of Sacramento. Envoy and Electrify America aim to completely eliminate the reliance on emission vehicles within Sacramento, and curtail reliance on single occupancy vehicles. Sacramento is just phase one. We can't wait to see what we're up to next.

California Energy Commission

California Energy Commission (CEC) Logo

Envoy, in conjunction with the California Energy Commission, is deploying 16 electric vehicles into eight affordable housing developments throughout The San Francisco Bay Area, as well as 14 electric vehicles into Parkmerced, which is located in southwest San Francisco, adjacent to San Francisco State University, and a community of over 10,000 residents.

Envoy will also be deploying 30 electric vehicles into 15 disadvantaged communities in the Sacramento Metro Area with the help of California Energy Commission grant funds. 

All sites are specifically selected due to a disproportionate burden of pollution. Envoy and the California Energy Commission are working hard to clean the air we breathe, and provide affordable mobility solutions simultaneously to those who typically lack access to them. 

Culver City Difference Makers

Envoy is recognized as a Certified Sustainable Business in Culver City! We would like to thank the Culver City Sustainable Business Certification Program  for promoting our efforts to clean the air we  breathe, promote sustainable transport, and work to make cities, building development, parking and transportation greener. Learn more.

The Gig Economy

Calling all drivers! Want to make money while you drive with Envoy? Now is your chance.

Did you know you could earn 30% higher than minimum wage when using Envoy in the gig economy? Drive for Uber, Lyft, GrubHub and Postmates. It doesn't matter who you work with, Envoy has your ride.

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