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Your submission has been received and we will be reaching out shortly. 


Here's a little timeline of what to expect. 

Get ready for your favorite amenities!


An Envoy representative will reach out to get you started. They will review your vehicle and charging selections, schedule your site walk to determine parking space selection & charging infrastructure requirements and discuss timeline.

EV'S & Charging

If you're using existing EV chargers, Envoy will fast track to deploying your vehicles (6 weeks).  If new chargers are required, Envoy will walk you through your installation (3 months).


Roughly 3 weeks before services are about to begin, Envoy will work with your marketing teams on setting up digital marketing assets (website, emails, text, etc) to get ready to promote this awesome amenity.


Once the charging stations are operational and Envoy vehicles are delivered, Envoy will train your onsite staff (prop mgr, leasing team, etc) so they can promote and troubleshoot basic needs.


After everything has been tested and your staff has been trained, Envoy will give you the green light to start promoting your awesome new amenity!


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