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What is Envoy?

En­voy is a community-based share­­d mobility platform, providing on-demand electric vehicles as an exclusive amenity for apartments, hotels, and workplaces; enabling mo­bil­i­ty as an ameni­ty where people live, work or stay.  Envoy vehicles are conveniently located on property with a dedicated parking space and electric vehicle charger and can be reserved by residents instantly or in advance through the Envoy There mobile app. Click here to get started

Benefits of Envoy

As you know, great amenities are essential to attract and retain quality residents. Envoy is a low cost and low square footage amenity that has measurable utilization and ROI. It is also a great lease-up tool and helps increase tenant retention. Just think -  “Lease an apartment, get a Tesla.” Additionally, Envoy's shared EV’s and charging infrastructure future-proof your property and maximize the efficiency of your parking through utility incentives and further monetization strategies. 

Questions? Ask Alliance sustainability team: FocusGreen@allresco.com

What's the cost?

Typically, your Envoy amenity fee ranges from $600 (Fiat 500e) to $1,300 (Tesla Model 3) to $2,400 (Tesla Model X) per vehicle per month (click here to see full vehicle menu).  This fee includes the full turnkey solution: electric vehicles, level 2 EV charging stations for your Envoy vehicles, a full-service mobile app, insurance, ownership indemnification, maintenance, roadside assistance, biweekly waterless car washing, as well as real-time 24/7 customer service.  Envoy’s standard business model shares revenue from utilization back to the property to offset this cost and potentially generate revenue. Residents pay as low as $.15/min for Fiats to $.50 / min for Tesla Model X. Daily max rates can also apply. 

Ready to get started?

How do I order Envoy in my community?

To order this awesome amenity: 

  1. Fill out a quick information form (click here)

  2. Select the vehicles of your choice and note your interest in additional charging stations for your residents with personally-owned electric vehicles (EVs).

  3. Envoy will advise on vehicle selection and charging options that best suit your community and budget, and walk you through the next steps toward contracting, charging installation, vehicle delivery, and launching your awesome new amenity. 


Questions? Email: mike@envoythere.com

How does the App work once the property is onboarded?

(Click here to watch a quick How To video)


Your residents follow these simple steps:

  1. Download “Envoy There” app on Apple iStore and/or Google Play

  2. Register with driver’s license & payment form

  3. Select your property location and request access code from property management

  4. Reserve vehicle on the spot or schedule in advance

  5. Unplug charger, check for damage, and Envoyage! During the booking, unlock/lock the vehicle through the app or use an Envoy Key Coin

  6. When returning home, plug charger into car, remove belongings & end reservation in the app.

Contact Us! 

(888) 610-0506     info@envoythere.com

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