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Envoy Technologies Inc. (Envoy) seeks to join forces to collaborate in the next round of Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) and Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) program applications.


The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) has just announced the opening of the next round of AHSC and TCC program applications. Envoy is seeking to further discuss with stakeholder’s potential partnership opportunities in these programs.

  • AHSC program are due February 11, 2020;

  • TCC program applications are due February 28, 2020.


Both programs prioritize the inclusion of activities that will accelerate EV adoption. EV charging infrastructure are eligible costs in these programs. Also, within AHSC program, various car sharing costs are eligible under the program, and there can be a set aside specifically for ZEV car sharing (e.g., “Transportation Wallets.”) Moreover, the TCC program permits car sharing inclusion, as well as subsidies for low-income residents for ZEV car sharing.


Envoy is a for-profit company that specializes in EV car sharing. Envoy’s all-electric fleet creates a turn-key EV car sharing systems as an amenity across the real estate industry, in multi-unit dwellings (MUDs), affordable housing, commercial properties, hotels, workplaces, and destination centers.

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Samsung App Fiat Rental With Dropshadow.


Envoy’s all-electric, turn-key car sharing solution is ideal for incorporation into the AHSC and TCC programs. Envoys are a unique amenity and mobility tool that can help accelerate EV adoption in the state’s affordable housing and disadvantaged community sectors.


Envoy has established multiple PPPs. In 2017, Envoy secured two grants to partner with the California Energy Commission to accelerate EV car sharing deployment in support of low income and disadvantaged communities, and the affordable housing sector. Our grants cover two regions, Sacramento and the Bay Area. Through these programs, Envoy is deploying approximately 60 EVs in the affordable housing sector. In addition, Envoy is working with Electrify America in the City of Sacramento to deploy round-trip car share services across a diverse array of properties in the City of Sacramento, in support of the “Green

City” initiative. Notably, 73.3% of the Envoys deployed focus on supporting low-income and disadvantaged communities.[1] Envoy is also partnering with Peninsula Clean Energy to spearhead a pilot to deploy EV car sharing in a designated low income/disadvantaged community.  


[1] As defined by CalEnviroScreen 3.0.


​Envoys on-site within AHSC and TCC programs proposals presents a unique opportunity to: ​

  • Provide GHG and pollution emissions reduction. Envoy’s all-electric fleet leads to direct use of electricity in lieu of gasoline. This leads to direct GHG emissions reductions. Each Envoy (1 vehicle, per month) generally creates over 30 individual rides and approximately 300 to 500 e-miles, which equates to 95 kWhs to 160 kWhs per month in e-travel. In petroleum reduction, each Envoy generally displaces no less than 12 gallons of gasoline per month.


  • Differentiate proposals. Envoys EV car sharing is a distinctive on-site amenity. Envoy’s services include installation, operations, & maintenance bundled as a turn-key service offering. The vehicle’s insurance, upkeep, maintenance, vehicle cleaning and other operational needs are part of the overall service package. 


  • Create unique data. Envoy’s unique approach to data creates detailed insight into system use --essentially in real time. Our data can differentiate vehicles, log travel patterns, measure kWhs, and track e-miles. This data provides sophisticated and unique insight into true EV fleet utilization. Envoy works with stakeholders to release of anonymized and aggregated data as an education tool and as a rubric to inform future EV car sharing planning efforts. These data-driven activities support community resilience and embolden innovative, scalable and replicable mobility approaches.


  • Provide unique marketing, education & outreach opportunities.  Envoy vehicles also serve as an on-site promotional tool and are stylized to be recognized. Envoy welcomes co-branding and shared advertising between Envoy & partners. Envoy is eager to discuss such activities and opportunities with interested parties.


  • Contribute additional societal benefits. The use of Envoys can lead to both vehicle ownership and vehicle miles traveled reduction opportunities. Moreover, Envoys can lead to reduced parking congestion and need, and car sharing practices build a sense of shared use and community, which in turn complement community growth & beautification opportunities. Envoy vehicles can also be used by community members to earn money through use in the gig economy, including ride-hailing, delivery, and other services.


Please contact Paul D. Hernandez, Head of Public Policy & Government Relations (, or Mike Becker, Director of Sales ( You can also begin to fill out the following Property Identification Form and an Envoy representative will contact you.


We look forward to chatting on potential collaboration with you. 

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